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Game Dev Digest Issue #89 - Code Driven

Game Dev Digest Issue #89 - Code Driven. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

Mike Marrone, Blogger

April 9, 2021

7 Min Read

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Issue #89 - Code Driven

Time to write some code! Shaders, animations, patterns and more. Enjoy!

Generate a Maze using Compute Shaders in Unity - This article covers the basics of Compute Shaders. We’ll generate a simple maze using a basic Compute Shader and the binary tree maze algorithm. This relatively simple explanation of Compute Shaders will serve us for more complex examples in future articles.
Bronson Zgeb

Unity Shadergraph: How to properly use booleans in a shader? - Using Shadergraph the same way as a texture in substance designer is a huge trap!

Dependencies - A Unity design pattern to handle GetComponent caching and dependencies. [Also check out Index - A Unity design pattern to handle global asset references]
Lazlo's Unity Patterns & Tips

Enter the Boss Room: our new multiplayer sample game - Explore Unity’s new, experimental netcode library and the underlying patterns of a multiplayer game in our small scale cooperative RPG, Boss Room

Crouching controls in 2D pixel-perfect platformers - Crouching, next to jumping, can be found in many classic as well as modern indie platformers. It introduces another layer to character controls that can enhance the gameplay experience. From the perspective of game design, crouching expands our level building capabilities. We can now not only include platforms to jump over but also crawl under. In this tutorial we are going to look at an example of implementation of this simple yet powerful concept.

CompressWebGL build manually from command line (brotli) - Building brotli compressed webgl release can take hours (if you have large 3d models in the project..), and you cannot do anything with the project while unity is compressing it. Solution: Make (really fast) uncompressed builds from unity, then compress the webgl data files manually from commandline!

Unity 2021.2.0 Alpha 12 - Unity 2021.2.0 Alpha 12 has been released.


Pixel Art Class - Fully Lit Isometric Tiles in Unity!
Pixel Art Class - Fully Lit Isometric Tiles in Unity! - Hey Pals! Here's another video on isometric pixel art in Unity. I really love how this one came out, as I get to share a lot of the lessons I learned that were actually very frustrating to set up for me. There are a lot of pitfalls in this process so thankfully I can save you from all of them lol.

Active Ragdolls; What Are They And How They Work - Lorcan here, despite the wobbly feet of the torque ragdoll, I think I can say it was worth taking the time away from development to finally do this video. I've been sitting on all this footage of ragdoll experiments, driving family members crazy going on about Torque and force driven such and such, that's it's good to finally use it for something.
Birdmask Studio

OVERWATCH REINHARDT'S SHIELD in Unity - Check out Reinhardt's Shield from Overwatch recreated in Unity! Such and awesome effect! The amount of shader shenanigans for this was a bit bigger then usual, but it was totally worth it, I think it came out nicely!
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

Unity Basics - Shader Code in Universal Render Pipeline - We've covered Shader Graph a lot on this channel, but so far we've largely avoided using shader code. There are plenty of resources for the built-in render pipeline, but not as many for URP - so in this installment of Unity Basics, we will cover vertex and fragment shaders in URP!
Daniel Ilett

Complete Procedural Animation In 25 Minutes - Procedural Animation and Inverse Kinematics - When you're too lazy to create keyframes, just write some code!
Timi Tayo

How to use Animation Transitions (Unity Tutorial) - In this Unity game development tutorial we’re going look at how we can easily control when to transition from one animation to another from our scripts.
Ketra Games

The Basics of SmoothStep, a Useful Shader Function in Unity URP | Game Dev Tutorial - SmoothStep is a very useful function, very often appearing in shaders. In this video, I explain how it works and go over how you can use it. Then, I show a few ways to incorporate it into your project!
Ned Makes Games

Game Events - Power & Simplicity in Unity3D - Learn how to use simple, easy to understand, scriptable objects with events to build an extensible and manageable game architecture or just solve the killer problems of cross referencing Unity3d gameobjects & prefabs across scenes.
Jason Weimann

Coding Shorts: Demystifying Bitwise Operators in C# - In this video, I try and explain how binary and bitwise operators can work together with enumerations in C#.

How to make a Level Editor in Unity - In this beginner easy tutorial I will show you how to make a level editor for your game. this tutorial will try to create a similar idea to Super Mario Maker, but allows you to edit your levels while playing. I will go over how to create customisable items that can be placed anywhere with cool visual effects and more!


Sprint into Spring Sale
Sprint into Spring Sale - The Spring Sale will officially begin this Monday on April 12!

The Spring Sale will have 500+ of our most popular assets at 50% off. You can check out the sale now!

We are also bringing back our popular Daily Deals, one high value asset each day that is available at 70% off.

Unity Inspect+ Plugin - This plugin helps you view an object's Inspector in a separate tab/window, copy&paste the values of variables in the Inspector and inspect all variables of an object (including non-serializable and static variables) in an enhanced Debug mode.
yasirkula Open Source

Fluid Behavior Tree - Behavior trees for Unity3D projects. Written with a code driven approach to maximize maintainability on large projects with the builder pattern. [You really should check out all of Ash Blue's work, including Fluid DialogueOyster Package Generator and more]
Ash Blue Open Source

Tex2DArrayCreator.cs - EditorWindow for creating & editing Texture 2D Arrays.
Cyanilux Open Source

UnityVolumeRendering - A volume renderer, made in Unity3D.
mlavik1 Open Source

HUMBLE BOOK BUNDLE: GAME DEV, DESIGN & GRAPHICS BY MERCURY - Stop dreaming about making games and start doing it! Grab ebooks like Game Dev, Design & Graphics by Mercury, Classic Game Design With Unity 2/E, and Photograph Enhancement Videos Using Photoshop CC 2021.
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Humble Bundle Affiliate

HUMBLE SOFTWARE BUNDLE: INTRO TO CODE 2021 - With this brand new bundle, you’ll master the world’s most popular languages by building real, portfolio-ready projects. From building games in popular styles - including RPGs, strategy games, idle games, and more - to web development, mobile apps, data science, and machine learning, the skills you’ll learn can be expanded upon to form strong foundations for your future projects.
[You may also like the Learn You More Code bundle from Humble as well]
Humble Bundle Affiliate


Puzzledorf - It’s been a long journey getting to this point, and a long-time dream of mine to have a commercial game available on PC and Steam. Long before Steam ever existed I remember making small games with my friends on old commodore 64’s, Visual Basic, Game Maker and The Games Factory. At the time, all I wanted to make was either an RPG or a Sonic clone.

Well, now here I am putting my own mark on the gaming landscape with Puzzledorf. It’s not a Sonic-clone, but the world does give a bit of an RPG-type vibe, a sense of adventure from some of my favourite old classics. I really wanted to give players a sense that they were journeying through a magical world.

It really means a lot to me getting here. A lot has happened. But I am very pleased to be releasing this game soon, currently planned for release in July 2021.

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

[Check out the Steam page]
Stuart's Pixel Games

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