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Weapons system for racing game

Jonathon Kaufman, Blogger

January 27, 2016

1 Min Read

Continuing to work on the combat system for the racing game I'm working on, I was originally trying to build a weapons manager script that would contain all of the classes for each different weapon in the game.  I was hoping that by doing this I would be able to organise all the weapons to one game object in the scene and then make calls to that object for each weapon.  Unfortunately I've still a lot to learn about scripting and not really sure how to implement it.

I decided to just create a script for each weapon.  Then I can just call that script to make each weapon work.  My missile script works by causing an explosive force when the missile comes in contact with another vehicles collider.  

I haven't implemented my weapons control script to create instances of the missile yet.  I plan to do that today.  So far all I have working is the machine gun fire.  

My plans for today are to finish the weapons scripts and to start build building on the enemy weapons AI.  After the enemy weapons AI is completed I will be moving on to building the tracks for the game.

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