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Fun Physics and Animals with Superpowers

Games can teach you in fun ways while you're playing and experiencing them. Read more how you can learn "fun physics" from Crashing Season mobile game.

Antti Kananen

July 11, 2017

2 Min Read

While playing “Crashing Season” the word physics might not cross your mind (hopefully the word “fun” does). However, we use the phrase “fun physics” when describing the game. Now you are probably wandering “Fun physics you say? Where?”

In the game you need to complete tasks and at the same time avoid dying, at the same time the animal moves nonstop (which you must admit makes the game even more fun). Through the lens of physics, you would apply Newton’s law of motion to describe what is happening in the game.

Let’s take the bear in the first level.  Newton’s first law of motion is that an object will stay at rest or in motion. And in addition to that, the motion will be in a straight line unless something makes it change course. In the case of the bear, it is you who makes him change course. If you do not get the bear to move another way, he will move in a straight line until colliding with something.

The collision between the bear and the hunter, or rock, or wall, all showcase the second law of motion. This law states the relationship between velocity and mass (that is weight). In this case, the mass does not change, so force is the same as acceleration. This is where you will see the “fun” in physics.  When the bear collides with a rock, the rock moves really far, but when the hunter does this nothing happens; you could conclude that the bear is indeed very strong. Also, watch what happens when the bear gets shot. Barely any movement. How superpowered is the bear­­?!

The third and final law of motion is that each action has a reaction that is its equal and opposite. For the bear, a good example is when the rock moves in the same direction as the bear when there is a collision between the two.

In conclusion the animals in “Crashing Season” can be proved to be superpowered because by the laws of motion they prove to be strong, and even more so than the hunters. Now you can go back to playing “Crashing Season” with this newfound knowledge, and if you are a student you could do better in physics class. If you haven’t played “Crashing Season” yet, download it for Android here, and iOS here.

The bear putting the laws of motion into action.

This article was originally published at http://koukoi.com/fun-physics-and-animals-with-superpowers/ on July 11th, 2017. Article was co-written by Marketing Intern Aileen Gutierrez.

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