Fishing game inspired by NATGEOTV

This concept for a fishing game came from watching NATGEOTV.I have been trying to figure out a way to design a fishing game that teaches and is fun. I've always been an avid fisherman and a few years ago, I really wanted to do something to help the enviro

I have been trying to figure out a way to design a fishing game that teaches and is fun. I've always been an avid fisherman and a few years ago, I really wanted to do something to help the environment and the fishing genre in gaming. This could help.



Players play the role of a fishing fish biologist. Your goal is to catch, tag and track various species of fish and report on the data found. And while your not doing that you are free to fish at will for your own pleasure and gain.

Players will start off fishing as they normally do in other games and after a certain amount of specific fish are caught by that angler, they will get a call from a local team of scientists asking for your help in locating, catching, tagging and tracking certain fish. This includes aquiring all the tools and bait needed also. Some tools are goverment funded, but there's nothing like your old tried and true tools for the actual catching of the fish.

Experience and knowledge will play a big role in this, as any monkey can throw out a hook, line and sinker, but a good angler, knows what works where and when by actually doing it.

Players will have a homestead in which they can essentially live, and work. They will have a home they can actually walk around in. In the homestead, players will have access to all their fishing and research gear and personal belongings. Players will be able to interact with things in their homestead with things such as fish tanks, computers, radio's, and trophy room, communication devices etc.

Outside of the home on the property there will be fish ponds for various opportunities such as stock breeding and scientific development of fish. These breeding ponds are very important as they can help replenish or create new fish for stocking in depleted waters.

Players will learn what fishes are legal to sell to the local fish market and which ones are used for research purposes that may or may not need human assitance to help them survive in an overfished and polluted world.

Not all fish are on the brink of extinction, but many are, and this is how the player will progress financially throughout the game. They will obtain jobs through research and catch fish on their own.

There will be fishing tournaments, and boat races, possibly kayaking and adventureing through dense wooded area's to reach certain locations.

Other dangers may or may not lurk between the tree's on the way to designated locations, so be ready. You will be briefed on what these dangers are and how to handle them appropriately.

Essentially, there is no end to this game.

Thank you, and godspeed.


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