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Feedback from Deviant Art

Reviewing and commenting on some feedback I got on my game development project from a member on Deviant Art.

Michael Knight, Blogger

April 8, 2012

3 Min Read

I was checking out my
"Deviant Art" this morning and got some feedback on my game
from another DA member and figured I'd share it here as it's here that it would
do the most good I feel.

hours ago

interesting little game but I believe there are some problems with it in my

1) The controls are difficult to use, the independent camera
rotation and movement takes quite some getting used to, I 'suspect' with its
casual nature and delivery people may not give it the time to get used to the
2) The way the character circles when reversing makes it impossible
to backup if you get too close to the edge of a rock or platform. I found
alignment with the jump target difficult with the degree of turn too.
3) Even
in this demo the lack of a save or check point is quite frustrating. In the
puddle again back to the start.
I agree with a lot of what the
poster has said and I do sort of have plans to change a lot of these issues as
the game develops. That having been said, while testing out the game I've gotten
quite used to the way the controls work and myself using the keyboard controls
which in my opinion are no match for a good control pad with dual controls for
both player and camera. I've had no problem learning how the character works and
have adapted just like any player would to any game situation or play type
scenario. I've played plenty of games that I hated the way the controls worked.
For instance the original Mario on regular
Nintendo I just hated that the character did no stop on a dine,
that he would kind of keep moving after he landed. I eventually got used to it
but at first I just hated it. I really loved the Super Nintendo
versions of Mario that cam out much later. And even though I've
only played it once the 3D Mario I loved. It's the 3D
Mario that my game is basically based off of BTW ;) At least as far as
character control and independent camera controls go. And yes it does take a bit
of getting used to. But that can be said for so many games yes? I personally
think it just adds to the challenge of the game. I find that when I'm just
testing it out I can't help but keep playing even if I dye in a puddle it's like
"Oh Drat!! I gotta do that again!!" And off I go to try for that key
again.... "What am I doing?!?" I keep saying to myself... I only wanted to test
out my new Bug Splat effect near that far Hibachi
BBQ! Doh... But yeah, what happens in most games, you die because you
mucked up, you start over right? At least in most of the games I've played. But
he is certainly right about a save point about half way up the level... I can do
level 01 usually with no problems but an auto save point of some kind about half
way up would be pretty handy I would imagine... and who knows... maybe I'll make
one, maybe not??

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