Dining Scene: Pub

This is a showcase of the pub-based interior of a dining scene I modeled for a computer modeling class I took this past semester at California State University of Chico.

For a computer modeling class at Chico State, I was assigned an independent project where I had to model the interior of a dining scene. I decided I wanted to base my scene off of a countryside pub that might be found in Ireland or Scotland. Below is the reference image I based the layout of my scene on.

I modeled and textured everything with Maya 2017. I think the hardest part for me in this project was setting up the lighting. While I made light appear to emanate from the light fixtures by disabling the "cast shadow" option for the lights, I had to add an extra light for everything to be lit enough in the scene, and I had to do this in order for every object to have a shadow.

I textured everything except the round tables and the supports on the ceiling because I wanted the those pieces to look more like they were painted and polished, and even in the reference image I have, the supports look smooth, as if they were painted over. I also drew bump maps to bring out the detail I wanted in the top and bottom portions of the bar through the use of Photoshop CS6.

Overall, I am happy with the color palette I chose to go with, and I am content with the textures I implemented. Laying out the bump maps was pretty simple and enjoyable, as well.

For future projects like this, I would like to improve my scene by:

  • Creating more props for the scene, such as cups, plates, and maybe small candles to place as centerpieces on the tables.
  • Improving the lighting by spending more time with it and figuring out what looks best.

While I am content with the outcome of this project, I wish I had taken more time to work on it. Looking at it now, I can easily see where I would like to improve on certain aspects of it, yet I am still proud of the work I did put into it.

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