Devlog 1. New weapon. Now I can kill by barrels!

First DEVBLOG post. Added New weapon. Now I can kill by barrels!

Hello everyone, I continue to share my work on RushOut, added a couple of mechanics and part of the gameplay, now our hero can take, carry and throw barrels, taking into account the strength of the throw. From here to you, friends, the question arises, what would you like to add to the game, besides barrels?


I have an idea to add the eggs that the chicken throws at us. We need to either take them out of the given zone, or throw them into the chicken itself to destroy it ...)) What suggestions or ideas do you have? I will be glad to listen to something and implement it) I also added turret guns that will interfere with the protagonist when setting up the laser, in the future there will be fire, missile and machine-gun turrets in the game))


Another idea: to implement the selection and installation of your weapons from enemies. For example: there is a box, I take it, select the cannon mode (machine gun, fire, laser, rocket, etc.), install, activate and shoot at the enemies.

How do you like this idea?


I hope to any your support! #like #subscribe #follow

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Thank you



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