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Current and Future Gaming Hopes

How to capture some of the serious hard core elements that make gaming fun, with casual and multi-envrionment gaming options.

David Hawkins

August 26, 2013

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I am writing a blog on Gamasutra in hopes of expressing desires for future game designs which might influence future gaming. There are a number of things which I would like to cover in this conversation, and I hope it will become just that, a conversation. This intro will be the baseline I will work from in future articles, it is likely to change, and will seem incomplete for a while. It is also just a starting point for me to frame my future inputs to this topic.

Components of Entertainment


Games should hold a players interest. How does that happen? Through story? Perhaps. In some cases this is absolutely true. However, it is irrelevant when you think about games like Tetris, Poker, or other games that have no story. Some aspects of engagement are related to being tied into a story. Some are related to engaging game play.

My dialog here is probably covering things that people have studied. I am probably going to cover things that are well known. I do not profess to have knowledge, other than my own subjective viewpoint on the topic.

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