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Curiosity Development Report #2

The second Curiosity Development Report, a weekly report of what we've done, what has gone well and what has gone completely wrong during the development of our next game.

Shaun Quaintance, Blogger

January 19, 2016

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Well that didn't take long.  Last week I was saying how some of these development reports that are planned for Sunday's may end up being released on the following Monday due to happenings, well it's week 2 and a happening has happened.  I feel like I should explain though, for you see I spent the entirety of Sunday sat in my pants reading theories on the new Cloverfield film and thus feel like the lateness of this development report is 100% justified.

In last weeks development report I said how we had come to the decision to make a Platformer/RPG (using my genius and revolutionary primary/secondary approach) and that we were now preparing to make a big ass document.  Well that big ass document, or BAD for short...or just concept doc, is now a reality!  This week has been spent doing further research on the two genres, going through all your survey replies and creating BAD.  I've uploaded a PDF file of BAD if you fancy reading all of the details as this will just be a quick summary of what we did and why we did it, you can find the PDF at the bottom of this page.


As I just said I hate hostgator, hate them with a passion.  I was coming to the end of this masterpiece of a development report, I had lost track of the word count it was that big.....and hostgator decided to crash and lose it all.  Now, I don't like to think of myself as the extremely lazy type but there is no way in hell I'm typing it aaaaall up again just for it to crash once more, nope, no way.  It's 17:30, I can almost smell my chicken pie because dinner is so close so instead I propose this, I type up an even quicker summary of what we did this week, you read it and decide whether you want to know more through the PDF file below, deal?  I don't care if it's a deal or not, that's what I'm doing because I'm hungry and I turn into a right diva when I'm hungry.

The beginning of this week was spent doing more research on the platformer and RPG genres as well as going through the replies you lovely lot gave us on the survey.  We split each genre into several sections; core (what is absolutely necessary to that genre), wrap (things that are nice but not essential), never (pretty self explanatory), what they don't do well (again pretty self explanatory), what people want and what people don't want.

Once we had a somewhat detailed breakdown of each genre it was time to see how we could meld the two together to create our baby.  We created a list of aims, breakdowns of each area of the game and what we want to accomplish, and focuses, the core things we want to focus on.  After we had our aims and focuses in check we then went back through them and realised all the potential problems we could have....there were a lot.  This brought us to the potential problems section of BAD.

After reviewing what problems we could come across and coming up with as many solutions as possible it was time to move on to breaking down each sections more and fleshing a few areas out.  The components section of BAD lists the different component (duh) that will be featured in the game as well as explanations in to what each one does.

Well that's it for this week.  Apologies for the briefness of this report, reading it back now it does seem like we done absolutely nothing, but as I said hostgator decided to be a bit of a cunt and crash when I was near the end of the original report.  I promise that BAD, which you can download below and read through, is very detailed indeed and gives you a much bigger picture of the sort of game we are heading towards.  As for next week, we will be spending that fleshing out the details of the different systems, functions and abilities that the game will feature as well as some level design planning as we draw ever closes to the creation of our first concept level.  The Sunday will then be spent typing up a fresh report whilst praying that it actually stays this time.
Keep on gaming,
Shaun Quaintance

- The new Cloverfield film is going to be amazing
- I hate hostgator
- We done more research and went through your surveys
- I hate hostgator
- We brought our baby BAD to life with a detailed breakdown of each genre as well as what our main aims and focuses for the game will be
- I hate hostgator
- I'm hungry and can't wait to have some chicken pie
- I hate hostgator



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