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With the new Timeline feature and the help of the Cinemachine plugin creating target movies in Unity seems not only possible, but actually quite fun.

Maciej Szczesnik, Blogger

January 15, 2018

2 Min Read

Unity Neon Challenge

As every game designer in the world, I have this dream of creating a game on my own. I have this idea for a survival / tactical game set in a retro-futuristic world, where people are forced to digitize themselves. There was a Neon Challenge posted on Unity Connect a few weeks ago. I thought it could be a perfect occasion to try my ideas out.

Creating a target movie

A few years ago there was a talk about creating target movies for Assassin's Creed on Game Developers Conference. I was working in CD Projekt back than and though it would be super cool to have such a movie for The Witcher. It was never completed, as we had different priorities, but the idea was resonating in my mind since then. 

The topic of the Unity Neon Challenge was to create a scene inspired by their Neon demo. I treated the challenge as a "deadline" for creating the target movie for my dream game (it is really useful to have a strict deadline, when you work alone, from home, and have a small daughter  smiley



I've managed to create 3 unique scenes in under two weeks. The first one took a week and a half, the two remaining ones just 3 days. After I learned Timeline and Cinemachine, creating those scenes was really, really fast. I was actually surprised how easy I can put stuff together, animate it and even add sound to the final scene. 

You can find the final movie here:

I'm pretty sure this movie will bring me a lot closer to creating the game. 

Here you can find two making of videos and a link to the unity challenge post with additional details:

Unity challenge post:


Making of part 1:

Making of part 2:

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