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Competition Modes on a Board Game

About tournament, ladder and medals implementation.

Pedro Santos, Blogger

August 6, 2009

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Because Orion's Belt is a turn based combat browser game, it opens the door to standard competition modes, like tournaments and ladders. Players always like to compete against each other and that's why we implemented tournaments and ladders. 

Tournament Cup 

Players get recognition by winning medals based on their performance. There's also a ELO Rating System that we use to sort the players by proficiency on the board. But the ELO shows the best players of all time, and may not reflect the current moment of the game. That's why the Ladder is important, because it shows the best players at the moment (inactive players will drop of the ladder eventually, but will stay in the top ELO).

All these competition modes are built on top of our chess-like combat system. Having 1on1 matches allows to easily implement these features and players love it.

Players start the match with equal fleets. They always start with the same resources, but we're considering some survival tournaments where players may go to the next phase with the units from the previous match. This mode would be an interesting addition to our Sci-Fi Browser Game

Meanwhile we have the current modes available:

  • Total Annihilation tournaments

  • Regicide Tournaments (a bit like chess, players have to destroy a flag)

  • Mini Tournaments: same as the previous ones, but only to 16 players and starts on the playoffs phase

  • Total Annihilation Ladder

  • Team Tournaments: 2on2 Battles

Each mode provides several medals and they work as achievements, where players may focus

on getting them all. Well, at least the most important ones.

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