A game developer makes games. I need to do that.

So, I have enjoyed working on games. I've run several different table-top RPGs, made a single-player C64 game inspired by Blood Pit because the play-by-mail version was too slow, created events for RP chat rooms, used Reversi as a training tool to teach coding and AIs, etc. The current environment is great for self-publishing games, yet for the past year or two I've been unable to settle on a project to finish. What exactly is my problem?

Is it the abundance of choices, platforms, genres? I've played with Android development, but my strength and major interest is in single-player PC games. I should focus on what I know, so that's one decision there. We'll leave genre alone for the time being.

Are my ideas too grandiose? Somewhat. I have no intention of creating an MMO or running a dedicated game server, but I am also unwilling to restrict myself to a small, simple game. It makes sense to start small, but that's not where my love is. I want more.

Should my game be the current hot genre? Mobile? Casual? FPS? Whichever? Honestly, I have no desire to make a bland game. As a teenager, playing AD&D/GURPS/etc. I loved the idea of working for a game company. The concept of working for a generic company making Hungry Hippos/Old Maid/Current Fad Monopoly never occurred to me. Making Villageville for smartphones doesn't interest me. Game design by metrics doesn't interest me. RPGs, card games, strategy games - those I enjoy.

Is it a fear of commitment / failure? Possible, but any answer would be awkward. I'm very comfortable with my coding skills, I can come up with game lore at the drop of a hat, my 3D skills and art can be weak, and I have little concept of music and sound, but I can make do. Commitment is a more nebulous answer - I do have more freedom now to do as I wish, so I believe I'm willing to commit to a project.

So, I'm committing.
    November 2012:
        - Genre
        - Setting

    January 2013:
        - Design documentation

    July 2013:
        - Android CYOA based on my world's lore

    August 2013:
        - Trailer ready for a game at the 85% mark

It's a starting point.


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