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Co-op Revive mechanics

Suggested upgrade to the classic co-op revive mechanic

David Wipperfurth, Blogger

July 6, 2011

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In co-op play modes, when one team-member dies/goes-down/K.O./etc., often times other members of the team can revive them.  This si typically done by venturing over to the fallen commrad and activating an ability while in contact range.

To some extent this is a logical consistancy, but more-over it is a game mechanic encouraging team play.  Both by penalizing teams that don't stick together, and by offering additional risk to the revive process.

For the most part, I believe, this is an excellent mechanic.  I do however see one major draw-back:  If your friend runs-off and dies, it is annoying to un across the map to revive them.  I think using negative re-enforcers is perfectly acceptable, and indeed required for good game design, BUT i don't think annoyance is almost ever a desirable form of negative re-inforcement.  --So, how would a game get rid of the annoyance of the mechanic, but not lose any of the other positive aspects?

  • A skill could exist to teleport you to the downed members position, the rest of the mechanics could stay the same.

  • A skill could exist that would trade some of your life for a remote revive.

  • Expensive/Rare consumable items could exist to produce a remote/self revive with deminished health/mana/etc.

A player could still save on the skill costs by doing a revive the old-fashion way.  If a revive was a channeled process to increase the risk, the remote abilities could have a slightly longer channel time, to keep that risk.  The remote revive abilities could as well be an optional ability or an ability that not every player could obtain, to help manage balance issues.

Another route would be that revives are automatic and timed, AND team members get a "low moral" style debuff for each member of the team currently dead, tha they are not near.  If, for example, two of your team members went down, but you were still next to both of them, you wouldn't recieve any penalty (may even recieve a small "last stand" style buff).  This method would only work under the assumption that the game ends, or there is a strong penalty if the whole party is K.O.ed at the same time.

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