Chess-like combat system

I'd like to present our chess-like battle system, that features space combat units.

The Orion's Belt browser game is unique because it has a very interesting battle system on top of a board game similar to chess. We have a lot of combat units and each unit has several features:

  • Attack and defense represents the raw power
  • Range determines how long it can attack
  • Movement cost and type, represent how fast the unit is and how it can move (rook, pawn, queen, etc)
  • Special abilities: rebound, catapult, paralyse, bomb attack, tripple attack, strike, back, etc
All these features make that each combat unit is unique, and make ou space combat game very interesting.
The battles are placed on a 8 by 8 square board. You can see an example of a battle here:
Battle Example
The battle system is all on AJAX and it's pretty stable now. We even have an API for players to make AI bots to control a player. We did that, but I'll leave that details for another post. :) 

Meanwhile, we have a gazette where players post battle analysis. You can check it out if you want.

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