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Chaos Galaxy Merc Bar - stage 1

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Jhypsy Shah, Blogger

April 25, 2009

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The Chaos Galaxy Merc' Bar

We wanted to propose a system of play by posts with the theme set it in the chaos galaxy, much like the astral plane, full of gates and portals that jump time and space, some more permanent than others. In this part of chaos galaxy would be a tavern floating in the ether, this tavern would be considered a merc HQ of sorts. 

We would like for Online Game Owners to be able to come here or send a message and put their "world" on the astral map. This would basically give us permission from the online game owner to put their online game on the website. The online game owners could then send for "merc work" from the mercs who hang around the merc bar for tasks and jobs in their "home world". This would basically let us know it's ok to send players into their game under certain conditions. We figured this could help online game owners who needed players, testers or even help for an event.

We also have some producers/artists in the group as well. If any online game owners would like to mix some media with their games then we would be open to that. We also have other projects that may be an option for them in the future. Such as newsletters, film, broadcasts, machinima and more.

The project is broken up into stages. We are basically in the early part of stage 1:


- Online game owners would not have to change anything in their Online game to fit the forum theme. Though, the Online game might have a "surprise" waiting for the player, but it's not nessesary..though it could be more exciting to lead a player character to believe that there was. We think it has alot of potential.

Any mercs from the forum should observe the rules of the mu*/mmo while in the mu*/mmo. There shall be laws in place that would blast them with the all powerful delete button upon their return to the merc bar should they fail to comply and cause problems..even if it was really funny, because it would be wrong to exploit that.

-We think the most important part is permission from the Online Game Owners.

-Media at this stage would be rather simple as well. Fan artists and artists from the MUDs/MMOs are most welcome (once again with permission if they're Fan artists-Fan art meaning MUD/MMO/online game related art), We will go as far to make a forum topic dedicated to develope their art (with permission). We think this will benifit both the online game, the Merc Bar and hopefully inspire some creative works.

We have some ideas for some simple media to start with such as a text based newsletter. We think it would be an ideal (at least fun) way to highlight some new developements/designs/art from within the participating online game community. It would allow automatic response from players wanting to try something new, playtest a new quest, zone, race, ect.

We think pixel art, vector and other graphics would be neat as well. Especially if edited into a electronic magazine format, we have one in mind but that is for a little later stage.

Experienced Mercs might even be able to establish a relationship with a MUD/MMOs to fulfil a role that the AI is incapable of..but that's also a later stage.

We are developing templates for the players, games, artists and devs who are interested in participating. We hope for these to be easy to use and will help everyone find what they want from the Chaos Galaxy Merc Bar. We understand that people have different preferences, perspectives and pet peeves. We hope to keep it simple yet flexible.

 - J & J

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