Champions of the Forgotten Realm Review

Game review of Champions of the Forgotten Realm. Looking at the aspects of the project as an idle incremental game.


In this idle game I really enjoyed how the game had preset positions for the champions and as the player we play around with these positions and find whats best for the following rounds, ie: more damage or a tankier front-line with heals. I also enjoyed the lore of the game and understanding whats going on with each champion and their abilities. One of the few downfalls was the scaling of levels, for instance doing a Time Gate, which is a special event during the weekends, level 71 was a pushover and felt grindy for gold but the waves of enemies in level 72 completely demolished my team. The only way I could pass it was sitting for an ungodly amount of time in level 71 farming gold to level a character and once he reached his ability I breezed through the rest of the campaign.


Gameplay was really straightforward, fight off waves and complete the mission of the level and then continue to the next. Every 5 levels there was a wave plus a boss. This boss once defeated dropped a sack of loot that contained either a couple of gems, in game currency, or a chest or both. Opening the chests rewarded gear for the champions that had many effects like reducing cooldown of their abilities, increased their specialization etc, as well as items that gave instant gold of 30 minutes of gameplay, or even sped up gameplay up to a max of 10x. The gems were used to buy more chests, which could also be purchased with USD.  The games progression feeds off of multiple campaigns, with each having 50+ levels/waves to complete and then allowing for a freeplay, the freeplay was to receive more percentage of favor/blessing that was different depending on the chosen campaign. Overall, I enjoyed this idle game and think it is an interesting mash up between an Idle and DnD game.


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