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Catching Up Part 2: The Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) / Saturn

Analysis: Bad ass. Too bad I was still too young to really appreciate the pure complexity and awesomeness of these two systems.... I mean, they were black. I used them pretty soon one after the other, so in memory they blur together.

Stephen Norquist, Blogger

March 31, 2013

1 Min Read

All I can remember about them is the slight awkwardness of the controls compared to the SNES. There was Sonic the Hedgehog, Double Dragon, and Aero the Acrobat.... the most weird and yet awesomely weird game I have ever played. Don't know why, but the games on the Genesis seemed to have more colors than the SNES.... maybe it actually had a higher resolution or my brain was more mature?

Never did play Phantasy Star. Geez, most of the games for the SNES showed up on the Genesis anyway. So much for console wars, they're all the same back then.



What I learned: Consoles are all the same damn thing. Definitely need directional pads on the left hand (for righties). Less buttons is cool.

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