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BYOND Strategy Tech Tree: 104, MJI's "Unlocking Achievements"

Tech Tree is a list of links about games in BYOND Strategy, a guild on a game/development portal called BYOND... Plus, my introduction is actually relevant to a Gamasutra discussion for a change.

Andre La Barre

April 5, 2009

4 Min Read

I have to admit that I did think China GDC was related to the GDC spoken of here when Yupeng_Tan popped up with a friend request on IGN... Not that it really influenced my decision to add one more IGN link in a vain attempt to get out of single-digit views. ;)


I meant to comment on Mary Jane Irwin's "Unlocking Achievements: Rewarding Skill With Player Incentives" earlier, but I was having login problems and I'm not sure about how the local netiquette defines posting late.

More specifically, I have a softer stance on the idea of rewarding failure or menial tasks. I like the idea of awarding completions of matches. Many games on BYOND are for multiple players. In my experience, and I know I'm not alone, one of the problems of playing online with people of varying maturity is that some will quit when they think they are losing. I think those who stick around regardless of the game results should be acknowledged.

It's not about an "everyone is special" mentality. It's about providing an environment for good sportsmanship. As a player, I don't care about what tricks another player managed to pull off.  I want to know whether or not they can provide me with a fun experience in my game of choice. That is a badge I want to see on someone's profile. If one's obsessive greed for achievements can be turned into a force that benefits everyone, then so be it.




  • Acebloke has been updating his economic/military simulation, Wargames, with bug fixes and medals to earn. Players can view the medals by going to the hub page and clicking the Standings option. (A pox upon you, JavaScript, and your direct-linking restrictions! ...At least until special URLs are added tomorrow.)

  • Aixelsyd was unsure of what he should create next and asked the BYOND community for ideas. He ended up choosing Heavenly Flow's concept of a Western-themed RTS. The product, entitled simply Western, is being hosted as I write this. In it, players each lead 5 varying types of gunmen to capture 25 points on a map. The game is currently leaning more towards team-based action than what I would call strategy, but that might change.

  • Geldonyetich is feeling motivated to work on something with BYOND. I don't know how much of his M.U.L.E.-inspired design will be implemented now that he has decided to start from scratch. I'm guessing that the game will feature a persistent world, but I'm unsure of how much focus will be on strategy instead of roleplay.

  • A poll run by Fugsnarf selected Iccusion Entertainment as a "BYOND Conqueror". The result appears to be a small summary of the development group and a conversation Fugsnarf had with the team's leader, Aaiko.

    Personally, I would have liked to have seen a more in-depth interview with questions like: What the frell happened to the developer journal they were keeping for their RTS, Fray?

  • Troy1121 is planning on holding a tournament and running a poll to decide what game should be played. Up for nomination are Efencea, Fortay, and Plunder Gnome. The last of those isn't a strategy game, but it was created by BYOND Strategy's Bishop (and former King) IainPeregrine.

  • I've been feeling bad about not nagging people enough the past few months. Fortunately, Lummox JR has put my mind at ease. I can probably find both victory and solace in knowing that I have become an annoying voice in someone's head which gets quoted to others. Muhuhahaha!

    BTW, Aixelsyd, remember to update Conqueror.

  • I released an update for my abstract, competitive dungeon crawling game, GrimTunnel. The interface went through some changes which I hope are met with approval. (Screenshots can be found on the hub page.) However, I seem to be most proud of a gameplay change which should increase the ability for opponents to make predictions.


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