Beyond the Magic Circle

In what ways do The Magic Circle and real life interrelate within the system of Experience?

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In the previous post, two common Game Design experiential goals, Immersion and Persistence, were defined and discussed with regard to the system of Experience. In this post, the Lens of the System of Experience is used to explore other experiential relationships between the real world and The Magic Circle. Everyone should feel encouraged to join the discussion and comment on or debate the assertions presented. All relevant comments are welcome and appreciated.

Beyond the Magic Circle

The operations of the system of Experience can have an effect on, and can be effected by, concerns both within and outside The Magic Circle. In some cases, correlations can be made between Cognitive Model subsets that represent concerns of those two worlds. This is a natural extension of the normal operations of the Cognitive Model; indeed, this is how we extrapolate ideas from one area of concern and apply them to another in order to solve problems. In terms of Game Design, the significance of this dynamic takes the form of real world Understanding wrought from Magic Circle Understanding and vice versa; a form of self Communication between two worlds that suggests that it is the responsibility of the designer to wield that power with great consideration. Just as real world Understanding can be used to instantly inform the player of Magic Circle structure and dynamics, the concerns from within The Magic Circle can inform the player of real world possibilities.1


1 Burkinshaw, R. (2009). “Alice and Kev: The story of being homeless in The Sims 3” []

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