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Beast Master - Development Update 9 - Creature Visuals

New creature visuals added to Beast Master.

Luca Russo, Blogger

September 8, 2020

1 Min Read

Greetings to all! This week we started to add our new creature visuals. Currently we do not have any 3D artists in our team. That’s why we are using these models from Unity’s asset store. Most of the creatures are in work in progress state. The base models, textures and the colors will change in the future updates.

As we mentioned before, Beast Master will have a territory system where different type of creature families will fight each other and attack their territories. There will be 4 type of factions. Each faction will have a leader (boss) which produces minions. These rulers also creates strategies to attack other bases and defend theirs.

  • Nature: Players will join this faction. Nature will contain creatures like Tigers, Bears, Mooses, Dears, Rabbits, Raccoons, Foxes, Wolves, Dogs, Cougars, Boars, Spiders and Rhinos. All these creatures will be able to tamed by the player.

  • Evolved: These faction contains creatures which evolved in time. These creatures will also be able to tamed. But it will be much harder and require more risks take to tame them.

  • Aliens: This one of the most dangerous faction which wants to invade the world. Aliens can be tamed but with a very slight chance. These creatures are very aggressive and tough.

  • Dragons: This faction will contain a few amount of creatures. Dragons will not take territories or go to war with other factions. They prefer to defend their territory and be left alone. Dragons will be the most powerful creatures and taming one of them will help players to defeat the enemy faction leaders.

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