Beast Master - Development Update 5 - Territory System

Greetings to all! On this weeks dev blog i wanted to mention about the territories.

Inside the Beast Master’s world, there will be different type of creature families. The Aliens, Evolved, Dragons and the Nature.

Each of these creature groups will control a certain size of area. Each area will be called territories. These territories will controlled by the AI which we consider as the leader of these families. These AI are called as “ruler”. Also each territory will contain certain number of cells. These cells will able to invaded by enemy groups.

The rulers will have some advanced decision system. Each ruler will control their territory by defending the cells or attacking the weakest point of the enemy. One of the main goal for the player will also to defeat these leaders. But it will require to gather huge amount of beast army.

Currently we continue implementing the territory system. We will share some more info on our future blog’s as we progress on it. Thanks for reading and if you would like to hear more do not forget to visit our website.

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