Beast Master - Development Update 16 - New Environment

Greetings all! We have been working on new environment for the Beast Master past 3 weeks.

Greetings all! We have been working on new environment for the Beast Master past 3 weeks. It is still in work in progress state but we think it’s enough to show how the terrain and the environment will look like in Beast Master.

We are planning to create a large open world area which will have a dynamic quest and dungeon spawn system. Players will encounter random events, creatures, bosses and quests while traveling in the world.

On one of our previous blogs we shared some content of the building system. We are planning to implement that system to the new terrain and allow players to build villages, houses or farms anywhere they want.

Also there will be day/night cycle and dynamic weather system. We are planning to add special events depending on the weather or if it’s day or night. We want every feature like this to have a slight chance to appear.

We hope you like this weeks blog and we are looking forward to hear for some feedback. Thanks for reading and watching.

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