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BattleBalls GDD

A short version of the Game Design Document for BattleBalls

Shaun Quaintance, Blogger

November 2, 2015

17 Min Read


BattleBalls is a short Android and PC game that sees 2 players compete in a pong inspired contest.


Players have to defend their goal whilst trying to score in the opponents.  New balls will enter the arena after set times and an extra time multi ball mode at the end of regulation will see a randomised amount of balls all unleashed at once causing complete chaos and leaving the trailing player a chance to comeback right to the very end.


Each character has an energy surge meter, the meter has 3 segments, 1 segment can be used to emit an energy surge or all 3 can be combined to use the player’s special move.  Segments can be gained by scoring with the energy surge ball.


Time limits: 1 min, 2 mins, 3 mins, 4 mins, 5 mins




  • Sound

  • Music



  • Defeat FroBall

  • Defeat RoboBall

  • Defeat SolarBall

  • Don’t concede a goal in a game

  • Score more than double the opponents score

Each area has an environment move/hazard that is triggered at set intervals depending on the length of the match


  • 1 min time limit: once at 30 seconds

  • 2 min time limit: 1:00

  • 3 min time limit: 1:00, 2:00

  • 4 min time limit: 1:20, 2:40

  • 5 min time limit: 1:15, 2:30, 3:45

Special move balls appear every now and then when there isn’t a special move active or any special move balls in play, player who scores with special move ball gets special move that corresponds to the colour of that ball





  • Thin but fast

  • Slides for a short time after player stops input

  • Special Move: Icebergs appear on the opposite side of the goal to the player they slowly melt over 10 seconds or so



  • Wide and responsive but slow

  • Special Move: Zappers on either side of machine prevent opponent from moving



  • Normal size and speed

  • Special Move: Two other balls appear on either side of the player, making it harder for opponent to score


  • Floating rocks around ball

  • Special Move: Rocks explode outwards propelling any near balls towards the opponent, a heat area is left for a few seconds where the player was, any balls that enter the area are evaporated



Field zone (KeeperBall)

  • Straight pitch


  • A mole pops out of the ground and throws a few balls in random directions

  • No change, base stats

Robot zone (RoboBall)

  • Diamond shape


  • Force fields on either side of the pitch build up then explode flinging balls in all directions

  • Increased chance of Double points & Energy Surge Balls

Desert zone (SolarBall)


  • A meteor shower rains down from the sky destroying any nearby balls, heat zones are left for a short amount of time which also destroy any balls entering the area

  • Max ball amount increased (15)

Ice zone (FroBall)

  • Curved walls

  • Icebergs appear through the floor of the pitch blocking balls

  • Ball speed stats increased



Ball Types


  • Single Ball: Worth 1 point

  • Double Ball: Worth 2 points

  • Energy Surge Ball: Worth 1 point, adds to player’s energy surge meter

  • Zapper Ball: Worth 1 point, gives the player a zapper either side of the goal

  • Neutraliser Ball: Worth 1 point, gives the player a neutraliser either side of the goal

  • Energy Pylons Ball: Worth 1 point, gives the player energy pylones either side of the goal

Special Moves


  • Energy Surge Pylons: Energy surge emitted every 2 seconds for 10 seconds

  • Hammers: Slams into the ground every couple of seconds and destroys any balls in the shockwave

  • Neutraliser: Any ball that crosses the line is turned into a single ball for 10 seconds

Ball Chances:

Single Ball: 25%

Double Ball: 25%

Energy Surge Ball: 25%

Special Move Ball: 25%


Balls slow down whenever they hit an object.  If the ball hits a player then they speed up, hitting an energy surge causes a ball to reach maximum speed.


Max Speed: 20

Min Speed: 5

Start Speed: 5 - 10

Speed decrease when hitting objects: -0.5


Max ball amount: 10


Time between each ball being released: Start at 5 seconds and gradually shorten



The crowd is split into 2 sides, one cheering player 1 and the other cheering player 2.


Before the game starts: murmuring

When a player scores: cheers

When the player loses vs ai: boos

When a player activates a special move: cheers mixed with ooo’s and aaah’s



The art style for BattleBalls is inspired by hand painted textures and the simplistic but eye catching style of The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker.


The models will be very low in detail to add to the art style as well as help performance on the mobile version


Guide for texture creation:

  • Cracks and Highlights shades (usually only one or the other but there are some exceptions)

  • Base colour

  • Shadow colour

  • Light colour

  • Pattern (only if it improves the look of the texture)

  • Give more detail on important objects

  • Blur & smudge between different shades

  • Large areas of shade rather than small detailed areas

  • Shades can’t be too far apart especially on non important objects otherwise they will be too distracting and keep taking the player’s attention rather than blending into the world.




The music style will also contain inspiration from older franchises such as Crash Bandicoot & Banjo Kazooie giving the game a pure fun and friendly feel to it.  The main menu theme will be a slower song that blends into the background.  The in level songs will be more fast paced to fit the chaotic style of the game.


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