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Basal Cell's "Monster Fish"

A little fishing game I thought up a long time ago.

John Petersen, Blogger

June 24, 2009

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Monster Fish

I am "Basal Cell" if you haven't figured that out yet. I am also, FabledFoe, Unsung, Alien Shcizoid, Rosey Nutts, Kpricher and a few that I forgot... Oh yeah, and Johnepete/y.

I've always been a big fan of growing, and breeding things and games that allow the player to grow and or breed things. Like in Monster Rancher. I'm also a big Sci/Fy fan, so here goes a quick description of a game I just thought up. (first conceptionalized in 2005-6)

The fishing POV and feel will still be the same as the traditional fishing we experience in PFC, with a few exceptions:

The setting will be more of a jungle or tucked away island experimental research setting.

In this game, the player will catch and breed monster fish. And when I say "monster" I don't just mean humungous fish, I mean humungous fish with monster like characteristics...

(The look and feel is not cartoony, more along the lines of photorealistic)

And finally a reason to have a gun and other weapons with you in a fishing game.  

The idea is to catch and then breed fish of varying species into hybrid species of unbelievable sizes on your Monster Fish property. Sell them to other angler's and scientists for breeding purposes. Release them into the open water so they can be fished for. (Released only on Private Property of course. "Monster Fish" should never be allowed to enter public water due to the risk of ecological or environment damage and human safety... These fish can and will rip you in half)

Angler's won't know what to expect when fishing...Will the fish you catch be dinner or will the fish catch you and you'll be dinner?



Fish can be a typical Bass or even a Sunfish that has been bred to grow to 50+ lbs, or cross bred with a trout or musky for example.

 Cross bred fish could have the characteristics of a Blue gill body and a muskellnge's head and teeth...and so on. But that's not the extent of it. Nature has run amuck in this game and you might catch and/or breed a fish that has been bred with just about anything... It all depends on how it's bred and with what?

Real Life:

If you don't think monster fish are possible look at a few of these examples of weird fish:

Shovelnose Catfish

Airsac Catfish, South American tiger fish, Lamprey, Snakeheads, Piranhas

If nature can do that, we can surely do something more astounding in a video game.

"Monster Fish":

There will be fish introduced into the game that have never been heard of. "Monster Fish"... These monster fish will have little value by themselves as far as selling them to bait stores and using them as bait and chum or eating goes, but it will be the DNA from each that will be sought after and highly prized  and used to create the monster fish the anglers will ultimately be fishing for.

Some species may be sought after for size so the player can breed a monster Bluegill. Others may be sought after for speed, or agressiveness to make the fish they breed faster or more agressive. And some species may be sought after for being butt ugly and have teeth like a wood chipper.

Make one dangerous enough and the goverment may give you a call and offer you funding.

Not all fish will be dangerous... Some will simply be larger than the largest normal fish you have ever set a hook in. The fish hooks required will be quite a bit larger than your average one's. But normal fish hooks will be available because there will also be normal and normal sized fish in the game.

Put the fish or it's DNA in a Caldron, Breeding silo or Petri dish and let it brew and lord only knows what's gonna come poppin' it's ugly or not so ugly head out of there.


Take those fish put them in a containment silo, and watch'em grow, and grow, and grow. But I don't suggest stepping to close to the edge when you feed them, if you catch my drift.

Silo's could possibly have viewing windows, and lifts so the player can work with the fish as safely as possible. Silo's could also be fitted with an manual drain and chum mechanism, where when the silo is drained, the water and the fish will pass through a large grinder and be dispensed into vats to be packaged and distributed properly...

Lobsters scream when you boil them... I wonder what these critters will sound like while they're being made into minced meat.

Species Tanks:

Species tanks will come in very handy when the player wants to keep the different species of fish seperate from the rest... Don't wanna ruin all your breeding work to have it undone by introducing a fish that can impact your own breed negatively... Or in this case Positively...

That's up to the player to decide.


Players make money by fishing in sanctioned tournaments, and by holding tournaments on their own property. There will also be buying ,selling, and trading various homemade chums and baits and of course DNA (Recipe's). There will also be Silo and Pond stocking services, and yes... A "Critter Ridder" service, for those pesky critters that get out and threaten humanity.


Various Boats, Airboats, and transport vehicles.


Various firearms, Knives, Machetes, possibly Explosives, Bows, Harpoons

Fishing equipment:

In addition to the normal outfit of fishing poles, lines, lures, clothing, baits, and fish finding equipment.

There will be specialized equipment for tracking the fish you breed and for locating the Monster fish you are looking for... What actually looks like a sunken tree or boat could be a "Monster Fish". This equipment will help you identify them...

You'll probably need a custom wench and hoist for some of these fish too.

But it won't come cheap... You'll have to work your way to the best toys... That is if something terrible doesn't goes wrong before you've had a chance to get them.

That's the gist of it.

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