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Antegods Design Update: Special Powers or Animal Instincts?

Our game designer, Wytze, shares some plans that are in the works to make each character in Antegods have more personality.

Peter de Jong, Blogger

March 22, 2017

3 Min Read

With the crowdfunding campaign for Antegods on Fig.co ongoing, development of the game has been a little slow, but still we will try to keep you up to date on our development process with regular blog posts from our design, art and code team. This time we hear from our Game Designer, Wytze, who will share some plans that are in the works to make each character  have more personality. 

Special mech abilities

The most exciting addition we’re making to Antegods are the unique abilities for each mech. These will define the playstyle of your mech in combination with the weapon and jetwings you pick.

Do you aggressively dash into the opposing team to wreak havoc from up close, or do you prefer hovering in a defensive position to keep opponents at bay?

Our main goal with abilities is to add a layer of tactical complexity which creates more opportunities for you to outplay your opponents and cooperate with your teammates.


The Turtle’s Shell ability is the prime example of this: activate the ability drop a destructible shell that blocks your opponent’s mechs and projectiles. Place it to protect your allies from getting shot while they’re delivering energy, or barricade your opponent’s path to escape a dangerous situation. The Turtle’s ability to shape the battlefield combines well with its tactical demolition weapons like the grenade launcher, making it an excellent character for area control.


The Chameleon is similarly strong in threatening areas of the map with its sniper weapons like the railgun, but is more based on striking swiftly and staying out of direct combat. The enhance the Chameleon’s hit-and-run playstyle activate the Chameleon’s Camouflage ability, which turns you invisible until you fire, dash or receive damage. Use it to sneak behind enemy lines and blow up unsuspecting opponents, or to disappear when you’re caught out of position.

The Turtle and Chameleon abilities require players to activate their ability and only the high-skill players can use them optimally. To make the game fun for newer players the next two mechs have abilities that activate automatically.


The Wolf is designed to be our most accessible, straight-forward mech. Its style is to get into a fight and shred mechs with assault weapons such as the shotgun. To enable this aggressive playstyle the Wolf’s Bloodlust ability restores its shields whenever you destroy an opponent. It doesn’t matter how close to death you are, as long as you destroy an opponent you can keep going. Leave the Wolf to wipe out the opposing team one by one and come out without a scratch.


We only have one mech left to talk about, and it’s a big one: the Rhino. This fast and beefy mech needs to get up close to use melee weapons such as the drill. The Rhino’s menacing Bash ability deals heavy damage when you hit an opponent with your dash. This character goes all-in: charge into a fight, bash your enemy for a quick damage burst and then drill them to pieces.

Over time we’ll add more mechs to the game, to give you more abilities and playstyles to choose from, but these are the initial four. Tweet or comment with your cool ideas for mechs, because we’d love to hear them!

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Antegods is supported by the Dutch Cultural Media Fund, Cultural Industries Fund NL and the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.



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