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A web browser game/ flash game/ Zombie Grinder 2

My view on the game Zombie Grinder 2


Jason Chalky, Blogger

March 14, 2013

4 Min Read

Gameplay Successes:

  • The game as really easy controls that are explained at the start of the game. The game was not complex, so simple controls worked well.

  • It is a zombie game, so killing the zombies was fun at first.

  • Having different types of zombies that attacked you different made you have to decide on where you would drive and added a challenge to the game.

  • Being able to upgrade you car was fun. It gave the player something to look forward to doing and keep the player playing for a little while trying to beat the game.

  • The UI was welled placed and allow the player to be able to see the information they needed about the car without hindering the view of the game.

  • The game had achievements that could be earned by completing different task. I think this give the players some kind of goals to work towards and helps keep them playing.


Gameplay Failures:

  • It seems liked playing the game for fifteen minutes that you were doing the same thing over and over. It got boring just hitting the zombies and going down a straight road. They could have added some curves to change up the game some and made it more interesting.

  • Some of the upgrades did not really seem to affect the car. It might have added to it something visually, but it did not see to change it the way it drives. Even though you could upgrade the engine three times. The speed of the car seemed not to change.

  • Even though they had different zombies that attacked you differently the further in the game you got. It still did not seem like enough of element to change the game that much.

  • You could repair your car, or get more fuel by picking up these red containers. One looked like a toolbox and the other a fuel can, the bad thing is that they looked alike and it was hard to tell which one was which while driving.

  • You had different bumpers that you could have, the problem is once you picked one, and you could not try out the other ones. So you were stuck with that bumper for the rest of the game.

  • Some of the achievements were too easy to beat. You could get five or six of them in one round.



  • They could have added different levels in the game instead of just one to make it more interesting, or they could have added some turns into so the player was not basically driving in a straight line.

  • The vehicle seems to go the same speed from the start of the game to the finish. It would have added some excitement for the car to actually pick up speed.

  • There are a ton of zombie games out and this one does not stand out from another zombie game out there. It seems like it might have made the game a little more fun having zombies, but the enemy could have really been anything and the fun factor would have been the same.

  • Even though you could upgrade you car, after you finished upgraded it there really was no reason to keep playing the game.

  • I noticed that you earned points each round, but they seemed pointless because they did not go towards anything like a highs score. It would have added some replay value if it had high score table so you could go back and try to beat your score.


Would Likes/Fixes:

  • I would of liked to see the game have some more levels to change the scene a little while playing.

  • It would have been great after upgrading your first car all the way, if you were able to buy different vehicles and then be able to upgrade them with different games.

  • The upgrades you could do the car should have more affect to the player. Even though it said I increased my engine, it did really not feel like I was driving any faster or that it was harder to control because of the increase speed.

  • The different zombies have some affect on the player on where they drive, but once you upgraded you car, it did not seem to matter. They could have added more powerful zombies or just a wider range of zombies that could really affect how the player has to react.

  • I would change the color of the toolbox and fuel can so that the players can tell the difference between both items. A player can die, just because he goes for the wrong item.

  • I would like to see some harder achievements making the game have some more replay value.

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