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A list of 150 books about video games

If you like books and are into video games, then this resource is for you: a big list of 150 books about video games, dealing with various topics: history of videogames, game creators biographies, Game Design, Serious Games, studies & analysis, etc.

If you like books and are into videogames, then this resource may interest you. With two of my colleagues, we have been building a big list of books about video games. It currently features more than 150 books dealing with various topics: history of videogames, game creators biographies, Game Design, Serious Games, videogames studies & analysis...

Ludoscience's big list of video games related books  

Each book is presented through a personal abstract, as we have read each book before adding it to the list :). It gathers books in English or French language, and our abstracts are also available in both languages. We will regularly update the list, as our long-term goal is to provide you with the most complete list of books about videogames possible. If you want to suggest us a book, please feel free to contact us.

A little background about this project

Ludoscience is a French registered association dedicated to the study of videogames. It gathers three academics with a love for video games. As we teach history of video games and game design courses in various French universities, our website gathers a lot for ressources for students: lessons materials (only in French for now), students game projects, and this bibliograpy. We have been building up this list of books for about 2 years now. It started with the simple desire to share the video game related books we found interesting, and, as we are quite avid readers, it kept on growing to reach the 150 books mark a few days ago. One "unique feature" of this list for the English-speaking readers is that we also feature books released in French language only - and there is quite a lot of literature about history of video games that is unfortunately released in France only (such as this excellent biography of Shigeru Miyamoto, a worldwide history of 70's home consoles, or this brilliant essay titled "Philosophy of video games", to name a few). We have written a small summary in English for these French-only books, in the hope that some of them will be translated into English someday.

I hope you'll find some interesting books in this list!

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