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As we are about to launch our pioneer game, Wizzard Race, we thought it was the right time to give you an idea what the story behind the game is. The article also talks about our motivation to build a story behind for the game.

Vahe Kocharyan, Blogger

August 25, 2014

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As we are about to launch our pioneer game, Wizzard Race, we thought it was the right time to give you an idea what the story behind the game is.

The good ol’ days of Gaming seem to be over

In the recent years the gaming industry grows like a baby whale grows 90 pounds every 24 hours. Around 200 hundred games are submitted in the App Store daily of which the majority have been made within a few weeks with not much thought put into them. Some of these games do not even have a plot or story behind them. It seems like the good old days of gaming are gone, when the gamers were truly part of an amazing story. Wasn’t it better back then?

That is why from day one we strived to create something unique. We don’t want to be just another game dev company that produces games just for the sake of making money. In order to do that we have created our own world with its story and have built Wizzard Race around it.

So what is Wizzard Race? Where it comes from?

It came from old times, no one now knew from where, but it was said that every 10.000 years something truly magical occurred, the air itself was magical that day just like back in the Age of Ascension. And The Best Wizard of All would find out the truth of the magical event. Legends had it that on that day wizards could become stronger and more powerful than ever, even able to control the raw uncontrolled dark ËnethBut only the Best of the Best could do it. After numerous arguments, duels, unnecessary deaths and quests for revenge, a race was invented. A race to prove who was the strongest, wisest, most powerful Wizard of Certamen.

I bet you are asking what is Ëneth? where is this Certamen and when was this age of ascension?

Ëneth is what the magical energy is known for in the legends, tales of the long gone past and mythical future. It came forth from the land of Lenærder, the dwelling of the mythical Lenær, for they remain a legend to this day, a mere myth to be told to young children.

When a fragment of Ëneth is discovered on a land, it creates a discord in nature’s laws. Where there is light, there is always dark. To keep chaos from destroying the peaceful lands, three Lenær leave their homeland and claim it, controlling the flow of the energy and keeping the equilibrium of its magical essence.

Ëneth came to what later would be known as the Land of Certamen in the form of a crystal blue stone. It appeared in the heart of an underwater volcano. The stone emitted its energy around into the mountain itself, essentially becoming one with it. With every eruption, the gazer sprouted magical essence of Ëneth in the air itself, thus slowly and gradually coating the land with mythical energy known only to the Lenær.

The latter came to the land after Ëneth was discovered, controlling the rough energy they were born from and maintaining the pure essence of it. They helped the magic spread through the air carefully in tenuous amounts, for it could easily kill a being when inhaled too much.

The Lenær created peace and prosperity. The water turned purer, the soil fertile, the very air, magical.

The leprechauns, one of the oldest races to dwell in the land named the unknown mythical thing that changed the very core of the Hearth Certa, which in their ancient tongue meant ‘magic’. They were the first to call their beloved home Certamen, Magic City.

This age was recorded later in history as the ‘Age of Ascension’.


As stated in the beginning of the post we didn’t want to create a game just for the sake of it, we wanted to create a different world for wizardkind. The stories and legends you have read in this post are just a small fraction of the game script. and more will come soon!

Please let us know if you like the story. Your feedback is certainly welcome.

In order to give you a better understanding we would like to present you The map of Certamen

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