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A Few of the Best Game Theory Books We Refer To

Some game theory books which are taken very seriously by the developers of Aklavya- A Free Educational Game for Children.


Game Theory Books Read By Aklavya Developers


As developers of an educational video game for kids, we often get asked one question by other game developers. And that is to refer to them some of the best Game Theory books that inspired us to create a game that we believe in.

So, here is a list of the best game theory books we have come across, this in no way is an exhaustive list as is with books, a new one comes out which is better than their predecessors and when it comes to gathering knowledge, the human nature is to be forever thirsty.

  1. Game Theory: An Introduction
    This is a textbook on game theory as the name suggests and is written by Stanford professor, Steve Tadelis. He is known to be a revered professor in the realms of game development and game theory and this book is based on his lectures, which are a part of the game theory introductory course that the professor teaches at Stanford.

  2. Thinking Strategically
    One of the most popular books of Game Theory, by Avinash Dixit and Barry NaleBuff. This book provides an interesting perspective to game theory by referring to examples in economics, politics, movies and sports. The updated version of the book, The Art of Strategy is also one that occupies the shelves of avid game enthusiasts and the leading game developers.

  3. Game Theory 101: The Complete Textbook
    Written by William Spaniel who is also known for his popular YouTube series of the same name, Game Theory 101. This is a best-seller and very easily accessible for any aspiring game developer.

  4. Co-opetition
    Another book co-authored by Barry Nalebuff with Adam Brandenburger, this book is more like a businessman’s guide to the various applications of game theory. This book especially draws light to the current trends and ideas that are the buzzwords in gaming of adding value and changing the game. A book that is a must-read for anyone in this business seriously.

  5. Game Theory and Strategy
    A small book that sheds light on non-cooperative and cooperative game theory with great exposition, written by Philip D. Straffin. This book comes highly recommended for anybody who is a mathematician and would like to learn about game theory. The book stands out in its array of applications that most other books of the same genre do not contain, so, an interesting read for polymaths who love gaming.

  6. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Game Theory in Everyday Life
    A book written by Len Fisher, this is a very popular read in the genre of popular sciences which deals with comparing game theory with everyday life situations. The book also offers interesting strategies on achieving cooperation in everyday life.

  7. Game Theory (Open Access Textbook with 165 solved exercises)

A book by Giacomo Bonanno, this is an open-source or free book for anyone to read who is interested in learning  the basics of game theory. The book makes interesting use of color and is a good place to start learning about game theory for absolute beginners with budget constraints. But know that this is only a very basic and introductory text.

This was a list of some of our favorite Game Theory books that we refer to as video game developers for kids. There are definitely. many more books out there that are still on our reading list and we haven’t been able to go through them till yet, but would definitely like to check them out.

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