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The GeGeGe No Kitaro-Monster Alley(ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 妖怪横丁) is a hit social game which edited form the popular same name Japanese manga. I analyzed this game experience from

Fred Tang, Blogger

July 7, 2015

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The GeGeGe No Kitaro-Monster Alley(ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 妖怪横丁) is a hit social game which edited form the popular same name Japanese manga.  I analyzed this game experience from an economic perspective.

What players can benefit from this game are new things that can be experienced.  The core route is selling more products, so that then you can gain shops, battle with boss, accomplish quest to get awards, buy decoration etc.  But product sale need time.  That become the main economic system of game.  You need to put constant interval time into game, or buy clock to decrease time, and you may need buy some tools to beat boss.  Players need to arrange time and resource to gain more benefit that also need their endeavors.



Player can experience more things as the main benefit.



The experience include elements and the dimensions of  elements which are the user can experience from game.




















Story: background, character, narrative, talk.

Appearance: graph, animation, sound.

Attribute: skill, status, ability.

Gameplay: control, thinking,

Sociality: talk, action,



Player have to put cost into the game to obtain benefits.



Buy time

Buy battle tolls

Buy other tolls



Main economic system

The main goal of Player is collecting more resources and enhancing all kinds of LV.  The main action circle are the things which take up player a big share of time.


Resouce entries

User LV(EXP)(ユーザーレベル)

`Get LV bonus item

`Unlock shop item


Shop LV(EXP)(お店レベル)

`Affect appearance of shop

`Affect capacity of sale

`Affect time of sale

`Unlock shop item


Shopkeeper LV(EXP)(店長レベル)

`Get LV bonus item

`Enhance special skill’s power


Friend monster’s skill LV(EXP)(仲間妖怪の熟練度レベル)

`Get title

`Get shop


Human soul(人魂)

`Buy item and upgrade shop


Boss soul(ボス妖怪魂)

`One category of Human soul, get from beating boss.


Friend soul(友魂)

`One category of human soul, get from Friend relevant action.



`Get commodity.


`Can be sell in shop



Sell commodity



Can be collected by selling commodity and consumed in battle.



Decrease time



Red: consumed resource

Green: obtained resource

Purple: obtained attribute resource


main economic system map



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