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7 Reasons Why You are Hooked to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mobile Game

An examination of just a few of the reasons Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game is doing so well.

Elisa Heiken

August 3, 2014

3 Min Read

1. Achievement

This game does an excellent job of intertwining the sense of becoming slightly more famous and relevant through a series of steps closely tied in with story. The story, illusion of control, and the copy are well done and create the feeling that I’m actually immersed in this climb to the top of Hollywood.  The platform for exhibition of these achievements is strong in this game, and is exemplified through tweets, both in-game and in real life.

2. Intimacy with Kim and Current Friends

Sure I can go ahead and hear Kim Kardashian’s voice nearly anytime I decide to turn on the television (seriously, she has 3 reality shows based on her life). However, it’s an entirely different experience to hear her talking to directly to your avatar. Her 22 million Twitter fans could only passively communicate with her prior to playing this game.

There are a lot of other people playing this game, and it’s being talked about seemingly everywhere. The network effect is hard to ignore.  Through integration with Facebook and Twitter, players are able to see which of their other friends are playing and can start speaking Kim to one another. #Rachet.

3. Power through Social Status

Being friends with Kim Kardashian is a pretty powerful place to be. She’s a powerful figure and in this game she is leading and your avatar is following. It’s fun to exert your new power by associating with her by dominating and picking fights with other D-list celebrities, working with your new entourage of staff, and going on dates with athletes.

4. Control/Freedom

This game does an excellent job of allowing the player to feel like they have some control and are not following a pre-determined path. If you read my previous blog post on How Social Casual Games Meet Our Unmet Psychological Needs, you’ll know that the first reasons I’ve just mentioned are the three most important psychological needs that need to be met for a game to be successful.

5. Aspiration to be Famous and Schmooze with Kim

A day in the life of one of the world’s most famous socialites is something relegated to less than the 1%. Things that are harder to get are perceived to be more valuable, and being Kim Kardashian’s sidekick is extremely hard to achieve. For those that can’t get enough of living vicariously through the Kardashians through the show, being able to experience sidekick life and immerse themselves is truly a special opportunity.

6. Engaging Storyline

The copy in this game is marvelous. It’s well-thought out, current and closely tied with the show, and funny as hell. Usually I skip the copy in games such as this one, but it was too hard to ignore.

7. Kardashian Klout

Everything Kim Kardashian touches turns to gold. Seriously, she can’t fail. When will the K-phone be released?


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