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Zynga says debut web3 title Sugartown prioritizes "trust, transparency, and accessibility"

The title is being pitched as a "gaming platform and transmedia IP."

Chris Kerr, News Editor

August 15, 2023

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A shady corporate wolf in the debut trailer for Sugartown

Zynga's first-ever web3 project is a "gaming platform and transmedia IP" called Sugartown.

As reported by VentureBeat, Zynga has become the first major mobile studio to create a web3 title from the ground-up.

Sugartown was developed by Zynga's in-house web3 studio, Zynga Web3, which was founded to "empower players with on-chain asset ownership through fun and enduring games."

The platform itself has been built using the Ethereum network and will let players take part in a variety of games to unlock rewards.

A FAQ on the Sugartown website states the title will push the web3 space forward through "trust, transparency and accessibility."

It doesn't specify what sort of games will be featured in Sugartown, but notes that players will need to collect 'Oras' to access the platform and ecosystem.

Zynga believes on-chain asset ownership will "empower" players

Venturebeat adds that players will need to earn energy by staking those Oras. That energy can then be used to access Sugartown games and acquire Sugar, which is a separate in-game currency that can be spent on rewards.

"[Oras] were set free from another dimension when Pig and his friends accidentally opened a rift in Sugartown while coding a game back at the farm. Oras build games and are always cooking up new experiences for their holders," reads the FAQ.

"Oras can be obtained in many ways. Sugartown is collaborating with many communities for allowlist allocation, but also giving away reservation spots on Twitter and Discord."

Zynga didn't confirm how many Oras will be made available, but added that mint details will be announced soon. Zynga's vice president of web3, Matt Wolf, claims the launch of Sugartown will again place the company on the "forefront of innovation."

"We're excited to launch Sugartown both as Zynga's first web3 game and as the first new web3 game with an original IP by a major mobile game developer," said Wolf.

"Zynga has always been on the forefront of innovation, and with Sugartown, our ambition is to empower players through a sustainable web3 platform full of fun and enduring games. We created Sugartown to appeal to a native web3 market but with the ambition of scaling much wider over time while we build a passionate and engaged community of holders we hope will enjoy this experience as much as we loved bringing it to life."

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