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Be advised against that phone version of Lethal Company going around on mobile app stores.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

February 13, 2024

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Screenshot from the 2023 game Lethal Company.
Image via Zeekerss.

At a Glance

  • Lethal Company has truly made it, because someone has made an unofficial mobile version of it to lure in unassuming players.

If you've seen Lethal Company listed on the Google Play or App Stores recently, those aren't official mobile versions. And they may be a front with more invasive intent.

Per Eurogamer, a moderator in the Lethal Company Discord server warned players the upcoming phone game is "likely a scam." And despite its authentic appearance, it was made "with no explicit permission" from original creator Zeekerss.

They further advised posting the game's links within the server to prevent players from falling for the "devious and malicious intentions that may be behind that operation." On the game's iOS page, its developer Aytac Kahveci lists data tracking as part of its privacy practices, requiring users to allow monitoring across websites and apps outside the game.

Lethal Company is another chapter in the (mobile) Clone Saga

Lethal Company was a surprise hit in 2023, so it's unsurprising to hear someone's trying to cash in on its success. Clones of popular games often hit soon after the original to ride their revenue and hype wave.

When Vampire Survivors was released in 2022, a mobile version soon followed to prevent specifically this from happening.

It also happened with Palworld. Developer Pocketpair also had to warn players the clone could be used to steal personal data, and it now appears to be fully gone from the App Store.

If there is a mobile Lethal Company game in development, it'll be confirmed (and likely revealed) by Zeekerss first.

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