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YUMSTERS - Flash-game

YUMSTERS - Flash-game

Irka Vanushka, Blogger

February 27, 2011

3 Min Read


Just imagine the life of a little worm... Living in a small hole deep underground with no light and decent provision. And more than that - this little worm sees no attention or recognition.He strives to be famous, to be well-known but alas - it's somehow impossible living the whole life underground...
Now we decided to help some worms not only by feeding them delicious fruits but also presenting them to vast number of gamers around the globe.
In Flash online game "Yumsters" only the worms are true stars. They stick their little funny noses out of their holes and find tasty fruits to chew and friends to play with - you... They are famous "Yumsters" now!

Those pretty yumsters have to eat fruits for you to pass the level. Do not be misled by their cute appearance - they can consume tons of fruits. They are hungry and so much eager to help you and score highest record. However, you won't be able to lean back and watch them eating for you. Yumsters are extremely fastidious. They eat only those fruits which color match their own. That gives you some trouble and brings much more challenge into the game.

The playground - different from level to level - has several worm holes for the Yumsters and many spots where fruits respawn randomly. You aim any yumster to eat particular fruit taking into account color of both. You cannot drag selected yumster to cross over a fruit of other color. You cannot get yumster cross each other. You have to act strategically and manage your yumsters as quickly as possible. Try to put your yumsters through as many similar fruits as possible - you'll get those eaten at once.

You can swap yumsters in their holes to get access to particular fruits. You can place any yumster into a free hole. That helps a lot when fruits start getting frozen with time. Fully frozen fruits cannot be eaten by the worms. However, you can show your best and click on the fruits to break ice cover when it is not yet complete. By the way, a number of boosts and bonus show up on the playground to help your yumsters succeed. Some of them remove bugs, ice or other obstacles, some of boosts help yumsters to change colors or score double... Try to use them all - it brings much better gaming experience.

The game is so much fun and quite challenging as well. For all 22 levels you will enjoy great company of funny yumsters and never get bored managing their nutrition. Moreover, there are some achievements that are not so easy to receive – getting them would give your game replayability and new chance to meet cute Yumsters.

We recommend playing this game to:
- the fans of point-and-click games
- serious time-management gamers that are fed up with managing ordinary farms or restaurants
- those appreciating cute and colorful games with addicting gameplay

Our remarks:
- “Help” is hardly legible
- map contains only 22 level though it is designed to have twice more

Our rating: 8/10

Play the game at: http://www.gladplay.com/games/3331/yumsters.html

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