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In wake of Epic vs. Apple ruling, Xsolla launches Web Shop for Mobile Games

Sponsored: Chris Hewish, president of video game commerce company Xsolla, explains how the recent Epic vs. Apple ruling opens up opportunities for mobile game developers via the new Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games.

October 11, 2021

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Video game commerce company Xsolla recently introduced the Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games, a package of tools and services from the company that can help mobile game developers take advantage of recent seismic shifts in the game industry.

Namely, the Epic vs. Apple ruling has given the green light for App Store developers to direct players to other payment systems--like Xsolla's--meaning devs can circumvent the 30% revenue cut that Apple makes from each App Store sale.

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"For us, these rulings mean that it has really opened up the doors to what we've been helping some partners already do," said Chris Hewish, president of Xsolla in a recent video Q&A (full interview below). "We know this can be really profitable and beneficial. We're very excited to see how this can go to the next level once developers are actually able to steer traffic out of the apps."

Among other features, the Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games allows developers to add virtual currencies and virtual items to player accounts across different platforms. Put simply, it's a webshop that is linkable from within a mobile app, providing capabilities for developers to generate more revenue and grow their communities.

Hewish said the Epic vs. Apple ruling also indicates crucial market changes in other territories. "We're seeing legislation not only here in the States, but we're seeing it in South Korea, Russia, [and] a few other places where there is an increase in legislation or rulings that really are opening up the App Store," he said.

That means an opportunity for game companies to expand their potential audiences on a global scale, as Xsolla's services allow for many different types of currencies, alternative payments, region-specific payments, and so forth.

"You can open up to a much larger audience in regards to accepting payments," Hewish said. "And that leads to, obviously, higher revenue. You're converting more of your players from just players to spenders."

And at 5% revenue share plus transaction fees, as opposed to the App Store's 30% revenue share, margins are greater for developers who use Xsolla's services.

"[The Xsolla Web Shot for Mobile Games] allows you to really do something with your community that we typically see PC game developers do," said Hewish. "They're really good at building these communities and communicating with them and building a relationship. And it's been hard to do that from within an app.

"But now with a webshop, not only can you monetize and acquire, but you can actually have this real sense of community that you can lean into for your mobile app. And that only makes your engagement stronger, your retention stronger and gives better results overall."

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