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WP7Lab Interview

We have a chat with the guys from WP7 Lab and answer a few of their questions about our game, its development process, and other WP7 related stuff...

Shannon Gilleland, Blogger

August 8, 2011

2 Min Read

"1. Considering that Ignition Studios is relatively new to the Windows Phone 7 market, we’re definitely interested in learning more about the guys and girls behind the company. So, don’t be shy and take turns to tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Shannon: Well, I’m South African born and moved to Australia when i was 12yrs old. I’ve done a bit of travel around the world, but have spent most of my time moving and travelling around Australia including Darwin, Adelaide and now Melbourne. I’d always been an artistic child and was constantly drawn to anything that was creative and fun.

I got my first taste for 3D in 1997 while studying a Cert. 4 in Applied design and continued drawing and doing creative work in my own time before i finally bit the bullet and moved to Melbourne to study the Bachelor degree at Qantm.

What made me take that final leap of faith? For me it was a career change moment where i realized I was sick of going from one job to another. I wanted to be my own boss, follow my passion, live a dream that I’d never given myself the opportunity to live.

Luke: I have always been interested in computers as a child. One of those kids who would resist going outside and instead be doing lines of code to make some dots appear on the school’s Apple IIe. I eventually found myself back there, and programming as I started my working carrier.

I began with business based programming, including contracting and managing small programming teams for many large businesses here in Australia. After seeing a flyer enticing people to study games programming, I made the life changing decision to leave my business carrier behind, and really peruse my dream – to develop games that people like to play and be a part of something creative. While my art skills being limited to stick figures, I have found games programming a way of producing something creative and fun..."  http://wp7lab.com/featured/ignition-studios-developer-interview/

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