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This post talks about how PacketZoom might replace TCP which can boost the mobile downloads

Puneet Yamparala, Blogger

May 5, 2015

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A Silicon Valley startup PacketZoom Inc. is addressing the common cause of users exiting mobile sites which is slow mobile download speeds.PacketZoom is a new protocol replacing TCP. The underlying PacketZoom protocol get rids of legacy network techniques that have been key to mobile-network operation but delay content delivery including DNS lookups, three-way TCP handshakes, slow starts, as well as aggressive back-off to reduce packet loss.

It enables 2 to 10 times faster content load times. Latency which is time consumed by a packet to travel from a server to a device is the main cause of reduced speed. PackZoom minimizes the number of round trips to the server, as a result the round-trip latency is less able to slow things down.

Intelligent service

Mobile networks generally drop a minor percentage of packets due to the very nature of mobile technology. PacktZoom protocol is incorporated with a mechanism for actively monitoring the network condition as experienced by the receiving device. As a result, we can react more intelligently to dropped packets.

PacketZoom Protocol considers the actual mobile device as the destination for data packets whereas the legacy protocols that use only the device’s IP address. You can rely on PacketZoom to manage the intermittent nature of mobile connections in a smart way.

Advantage to app developers

Leveraging PacketZoom’s Speed SDK mobile app developers can enable their apps access cloud assets two to ten times faster than legacy http based methods.

PacketZoom’s Mobile Speed as a Service is:

  • Fast – two to ten times delivery speed utilizing mobile specific protocol.

  • Smart- Location aware, dead zone & packet drop resilient, radio type aware etc.

  • Simple – Trivial SDK integration with no keyboard required.

  • Risk Free – Automatic failover. Web dashboard to activate/deactivate speed at any time

The technology is simple to use and works for any app that is receiving data from the cloud. The result is very high speed file transfers. The includes lots of content, large files for mobile games or streaming audio or video.

PacketZoom supplies the only Mobile Speed as a Service(MSaaS) platform which empowers developers to speed downloads of mobile content from the cloud by up to ten times. The service facilitates developers to drag and drop the PacketZoom Speed SDK to their applications, minimizing go-to-market times and getting rid of the technical challenges faced in speeding up mobile apps.

Major clients

The firm’s MSaaS platform has been embraced by firms such as ArtStack, Fluik Entertainment, Frenzoo, Top10, and Voltage Entertainment USA. PacketZoom has the solid backing of investors including First Round Capital, Baseline, Founders Collective and Tandem Capital.


Pricing is based upon daily active users with free support for up to 2,500 users and custom rates for higher capacities.

The technology revolves around User Datagram Protocol(UDP) another core part of the IP stack that is frequently used in voice over Internet protocol applications where performance is the top priority.

Drag and drop facility

According to PacketZoom programmers need not rework their apps for gaining the performance benefits of its toolkit. They just have drag and drop the software development kit inside the app. The app is instantly faster and is faster for all users. PacketZoom claims its service is geared up work particularly well in low-bandwidth networks or areas with spotty coverage.

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