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What makes it worth it

A serious take on what makes bellying up to the computer every day worth it

It's worth it despite the fact that most of the day is radio silence.

It's worth it despite the fact that sometimes you feel lost in a sea of noise.

It's worth every second of bug fixing, every hour of coding, every ounce of self-hatred you lash yourself with for any reason.

It's worth it when you learn to let go.

It's worth it when you learn to grow.

It's worth it when the late nights lead to later days and you sleep only when it's fixed.

It's worth it when the game breaks in the middle of a demo, and you lose the crowd.

It's worth it twice as much when they come back later to give you another chance.

It's worth every cheer you ever get.

It's worth every boo you ever get, because the criticism makes you do it better.

It's worth every. single. rejection.

It's worth it after getting published.

It's worth it before getting published.

It's worth it because it's what you love.

It's worth it whenever a fan says anything.

It's worth every "feature" someone is excitedly talking to you, because they love you. Never forget that.

It's worth it when you're eating like shit and stressed to the max because things aren't breaking your way.

It's worth it when you start crying from exhaustion and joy because you're at an event with people you respect.

It's worth it because you created something for someone else.

It's worth it because it's what we love.

It's worth it.

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