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Valve's Steam service: Terms of Robbery

I bought a game on Valve's Steam, and three days later it was reduced 50% PLUS I missed out on 4 additional games that came with the package. Steam however refuses to refund or give me an alternative.

Guus Hoeve, Blogger

November 26, 2010

4 Min Read

Games are developing and so are the services that makes them so widespread on the globe. Steam is one that has great potential, offering multiplatform games but only paying for them once. I believe that this has the feature that you pay for the licence once and play it on all of your consoles. Because the service it offers you has great advantages moneywise. On the other hand, monopoly could become an issue.

Nevertheless, the main point is that Steam offers a service. But that service is limited to Terms of Use. This is what happened to me, and this is Valve's response. I feel totally robbed.

Copy of emails to customer support and responses


I feel robbed a bit


Purchases and Payment > iDeal




And Yet it Moves

Steam Account Name


Operating System

Windows 7/Vista

1 Message by you on Thu, 25th Nov 2010 4:05 pm Dear Customer Support,

I just bought And Yet it Moves a couple of days ago for 9 EURO. And that's a fair price for such an awesome game.

But just now I was browsing through the store, because I bought the Indie Energy pack yesterday and was looking for something more. And there it was, right in my face. The Indie Story pack for just 4,50 EURO.... including And Yet it Moves. Not only I paid double for just this great game, but I could have had 4 added to that.

You see my point? I wouldn't have bothered you about this if I bought this game a month or two ago. But just a couple of days hurts.

So my question is, can I get a refund or anything so I can buy the Indie Story Pack?

Thanks for your help!


2 Message by Support Tech Roger on Thu, 25th Nov 2010 5:32 pm Hello Guus,

Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

The terms of the transaction, including the price, were outlined at the time of your purchase. Unfortunately, our billing system is automated and we have no option to offer a partial refund on a game or to apply a credit to your account.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.

3 Message by you on Fri, 26th Nov 2010 2:58 am Dear Roger,

I understand the terms of transaction etc. But picture this;

You bought yourself a very nice car for a fair price just three days ago. You're very happy with it, but now you drive by the dealer you bought it with and see that the same car is now half price, PLUS it comes with airconditioning, sport bodykit and alot more extra's.

You've known this dealer for quite some time and have done business with him before and tell him you don't think it's fair you paid double and got half of what you would have got if you waited three days. If the dealer would have told you this would be on sale in three days, you probably would have waited. But he didn't.

But to your surprise the dealer tells you that he has every right to deny your request because of his terms of transaction.

You drive around in your car, still happy with it but the dealer's good reputation just went down the drain because of this. Next time you'll search around before buying anything from that guy again.

I don't care about the terms of transaction because rules are meant to be broken if a situation occurs which is unique in a way, like this one.

Thanks for your understanding. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


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