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There are many ways to sell video games. Game developers can maximize their income by selling through different channels as they are never limited to just one way of marketing only.

Adrian Zaremba, Blogger

March 17, 2014

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The number of people who are passionate about video gaming is constantly on the rise and more and more enthusiastic gamers join in the fun every single day. Of course, for many of those people playing video games is just a way to unwind and do something exciting in their spare time, but for others creating video games is just as important as playing them. Since the number of gamers keeps growing each day, the demand for new indie games grows too.  Many new indie game developers join the fray encouraged by the recent popularity of Kickstarter that facilitates the development of indie games that otherwise would never have a chance to see the light.  But even if you don’t use websites such as Kickstarter to help you take off, developing and selling your video games might be just what you will want to do to satisfy your ever-growing need to create and to fill your pocket too.

Why It Is Important that Your Game or Games Sells

Creating a great game is one thing, but if a talented game developer doesn’t make a profit from it, he might not have enough funds to allow him to create sequels to the game, or to even create any other game in the future. It is such a shame when somebody really gifted has to give up on his dream of creating great video game titles and is forced to move to some mundane 9 to 5 job that simply doesn’t fascinate him.

The Many Ways to Sell Your Video Games

There are many ways to sell video games. Game developers can maximize their income by selling through different channels as they are never limited to just one way of marketing only. Steam is one obvious example where game developers can go to start selling their games. One downside of trying to make your way to Steam is that you need to be approved in order to start selling your title. This can be a barrier that might be too hard to cross, especially for the small indie game developer with little or no experience.

There Might be More Options to Sell Your Video Games than You Might Think

There are quite a few advantages of setting up your Wordpress website for the purpose of marketing and selling your game or games. Setting up such a site is easy, fast, and basically risk-free. It is perfect for the small indie game developer to test the waters before attempting to sell games on Steam or in many other places that might require you to have some experience. You don’t have to be a website developer to start your own Wordpress site as doing it is basically self-explanatory. What is more, selling from your Wordpress site is risk free meaning that except for the amount of time you invested in it, it doesn’t require any other type of investment.

Have a Template that is Visually Pleasing

While a typical business Wordpress website is usually a plain and simple one, a game developer can truly express himself and let his imagination run wild. Customizing a theme with images from the game is just one way to accomplish this, but the possibilities here are endless. Choose a Wordpress theme that fits with the overall style of your game and one with which you feel comfortable.

Start Selling Your Own Games Now

In order to set up your site you will need to find some tools to help you finalize the sales. By default, Wordpress sites don’t come with plug-ins allowing you to sell from such platforms, but the good news that you don’t have to look very far to find what you need to allow you to accomplish the task.

Just to give you an example, Selz is an easy, quick and simple solution for indie game developers who don’t need a full-blown ecommerce shop to sell their games, but at the same time want an efficient, low cost, risk-free and easy to set up secure way to sell video games via a Wordpress site. You don’t need to pay anything for the installation of the software as you pay only if you sell. Selz is a convenient tool that makes setting up a convenient way to sell a breeze and help you to get your customers rolling in. All you need to do is to create a Selz account and you are ready to get started.  

What Selling is All About

As you can see, there are many interesting ways to sell your games. Even if you treat game developing as a hobby, you have a right to earn some profit from it. If you do indeed make a profit, it might encourage to keep creating the games and is going to benefit everybody, especially all those happy gamers who enjoy your creations.

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