UFHO2 on Kickstarter

After a couple of months of preparations, UFHO2 has been put on Kickstarter to raise funds to finally end its development. The campaign is already at a good point, with some surprise donations.

After a couple of months of preparations, UFHO2 has been put on Kickstarter to raise funds for its development. For those who don't know what Kickstarter is, or similar sites like it, it is a "relatively" new way of doing fundraising. Gamasutra covered the website various times, also publishing articles on how to create a successful campaign (which we used extensively as a reference).
People discover project they like, they pledge money to make the project a reality, and if the needed amount is met by the deadline, the project creator gets the money.
In return, people who donate get a bunch of rewards for their early help.
For UFHO2, the plan is quite simple: raise the money by february next year, develop the game in 5-6 months, and then reward everybody! (some rewards may come earlier).
As an example of rewards, pledging 10$ (it's like, less the amount of money you spend on a night out) you will get a digital download of the game for both PC and Mac + a big thanks on the game's website with your name under "People who made it possible". For 20$ you get the soundtrack too, and a hand-written postcard to thank you for the effort. From 30$ and up we start with the physical goodies: in random order, a t-shirt, the physical copy of the game and soundtrack, stickers, badges, posters, up to a hand-painted Xbox 360 controller, or some other cool stuff.

Up to now, the campaign raised a bit more than 2,200$ in one month. We also got some surpirse donations, like one of about 500$ from a person that didn't know the game until yesterday, and who never donated on Kickstarter before.
After the campaign finishes, I want to recap the up and downs of it and publish them on this blog, with some insights in the numbers and stats. Maybe they can be useful to people who create similar campaigns.

The goal is still far, but I'm confident we can make it. So, if you like the game and you feel like helping us, this is the way to go: 

Alternatively, speak about the campaign to friends who could like it, and share it into social networks and similar. Also, stay tuned because we will be releasing updates to the campaign, with surprises to come!
Let's make this happen!

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