Ubisoft reveals transition process for Stadia owners

Ubisoft's process for bringing Stadia owners over to PC is relatively simple, it just needs to be done before January 18, 2023.

Ubisoft has unveiled its plans for those who played its titles on Google Stadia ahead of the service's shut down on January 18, 2023. The French publisher will "help ease the transition to other platforms," including adding titles purchased on Stadia to their Ubisoft libraries on PC on the day Stadia goes down, free of charge.

"While Stadia will shut down on 18 January 2023, we are going our best to ensure a smooth transition and offer you options to continue your gaming journey with Ubisoft," wrote the publisher. "If the title is available on PC, it will be automatically added to the Ubisoft account that is linked to your Stadia account."

Games on Stadia such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Riders Republic have cross-progression, which will allow Stadia players to continue their progress on PC once the service has ended. Ubisoft stressed that for it to work, players must link their Ubisoft and Stadia accounts before January 18.

Not long after Google announced that Stadia would be closing up shop, Ubisoft was one of the early third-party publishers and developers who promised to find a solution for players of the dying platform.

Even with the transfer from Stadia to PC, though, some games such as Family Feud, and the 2020-2022 versions of Just Dance won't make the cut. It also said that in-game currency won't be transferable between platforms, and advised Stadia players use that currency so it doesn't go to waste.

Compensation-wise, players who previously subscribed to the Ubisoft+ Multi-Access service via Stadia will also be granted a free month of Ubisoft+ via access. US subscribers can also choose to stream games via Amazon Luna, while international subscribers will get a six-month discount to Multi-Access.

Ubisoft's Stadia solution comes shortly after developer IO Interactive announced its own workaround for Stadia owners of Hitman 3. Unlike IO, however, Ubisoft won't allow Stadia owners to transfer their saves to consoles, as Ubisoft+ isn't yet on PlayStation and Xbox.

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