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Ubisoft is still trying to make NFTs happen

The French publisher has partnered with Double Jump Tokyo to bolster 'web3 integration' on upcoming multiplayer RPG, Champions Tactics.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

July 4, 2024

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Key artwork for Champions Tactics
Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has been keeping relatively quiet about its various blockchain initiatives after debuting its controversial 'Quartz' NFT platform in 2022, but the French publisher isn't tapping out just yet.

The company, which previously claimed that players simply didn't understand its NFT machinations, partnered with Immutable in November last year to create a new title on the blockchain.

Now, it has joined forces with Japanese web3 studio Double Jump Tokyo to bolster another upcoming web3 project and "accelerate global web3 game adoption."

A press release sent out by Double Jump explains Ubisoft has tapped the company to support web3 integration and become a "key marketing partner" on multiplayer project Champions Tactics when it arrives Asia.

"As a first initiative, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles will integrate with the Oasys Layer 2 HOME Verse blockchain, developed and operated by Double Jump Tokyo," says the company.

The partnership will enable Ubisoft to issue new Champions Tactics NFTs–which take the form of unique profile pictures–over the HOME Verse chain.

The Assassin's Creed maker has already minted 9,999 'Warlord' NFTs ahead of launch, and intends to grant owners early access to an upcoming 'Champions mint.' Warlords were free to claim, but owners had to pay a transaction fee to mint them on the Ethereum blockchain.

"A Warlord is a unique digital collectible that serves as both a unique profile picture (PFP) in-game and gives you exclusive early access to the upcoming mint of the in-game playable figurines called Champions," reads an FAQ, explaining how Ubisoft's latest NFT scheme works.

Ubisoft web3 technical director, Didier Genevois, claims giving the gift of NFTs to Champions Tactics players will help "take gaming and entertainment to the next level."

"Teaming up with Double Jump Tokyo has been exciting because they bring not just technical skills but also a shared passion for the future of gaming," he said. "We think this partnership will offer valuable insights on how decentralized technology can mix with gaming. Together, we look forward to delivering high-quality, entertaining gameplay that harnesses blockchain technology,"

Champions Tactics is currently slated to launch in "2024." Given we're already halfway through the year, you'd expect it to be hitting shelves sooner rather than later.

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