Turn 10 alum Alan Hartman designated new Xbox Game Studios head

Hartman, a longtime veteran at Microsoft Gaming, will be taking over as Xbox Game Studios head from Matt Booty, who now oversees the ZeniMax subsidiaries.

Xbox Game Studios has a new leader in Alan Hartman. He announced his promotion on LinkedIn, where he said he was "thrilled to be representing such an elite set of game creators in my new role leading Xbox Game Studios!"

Hartman's new position comes weeks after ZeniMax's leadership were fully incorporated into Microsoft's games division. That integration saw previous XGS head Matt Booty become president of the game content and studios division and oversee the various ZeniMax-owned studios.

Previously, Hartman was a longtime veteran at Turn 10 Studios, which he joined in 2005 and falls under the XGS banner. Turn 10 is best known as the original developer of the Forza series, whose most recent installment was Forza Motorsport (2023) from this past October.

While at Turn 10, Hartman was the studio head for the franchise and later the corporate VP for both Forza and Fable, whose reboot is being developed by fellow Forza developer Playground Games.

At time of writing, a replacement for Hartman on the Turn 10 side has yet to be revealed.

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