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Toy is a real hero from Sweet Smash Story.

Vlad Nazarkin, Blogger

July 14, 2014

1 Min Read

Hello All!


Since we brought Toy to our house this cute puppy became a part of our family. From the first day he was so adorable that we could not resist and took photos almost every day. After a couple of weeks the amount of photos was astound. Toy was so charming.


One day our friends came to us, they saw this cute puppy and we decided to show them photos. During the process my little son came to me and exclaimed “Dad we need to share this photos so other people could watch our pretty doggy!”. At that moment, I thought it was not a bad idea. So after that I entered Facebook Social Network  and created fan page for Toy. From that moment till today I download his photos that were taken during the most unexpected and interesting moments of his life! For some reason I think that Toy would be glad to talk with all of you and of course to find new friends!


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