Top iPhone game apps: Ski Safari, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 report strong first-week sales

Gamasutra rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPhone and iPod Touch games on the App Store, from Sky Safari and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to Logos Quiz Game and more.
[In this weekly feature, Gamasutra rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPhone and iPod Touch games, as current on the iTunes App Store.] This week's top paid iPhone game titles on the App Store, as captured on April 30th 2012, are as follows: 1. Angry Birds Space (Rovio, $0.99) 2. Flick Home Run (Infinity Pocket, $0.99) 3. Draw Something (OMGPOP, $0.99) 4. Ski Safari (Defiant Development, $0.99) 5. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Capcom, $2.99) 6. Cut the Rope (ZeptoLab, $0.99) 7. Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick, $0.99) 8. Clear Vision (17+) (FDG Entertainment, $0.99) 9. Bejeweled (PopCap, $0.99) 10. Angry Birds (Rovio, $0.99) Rovio's Angry Birds Space continues its month-long reign atop the App Store's sales charts, but faces competition from Infinity Pocket's recently updated Flick Home Run and OMGPOP's consistently popular Draw Something. Defiant Development's endless side-scroller Ski Safari claims fourth place in its debut week, meanwhile, as Capcom's 2D fighter Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is off to a strong start at fifth. Here are this week's top free iPhone games: 1. Logos Quiz Game (AticoD) 2. Smash Cops (Hutch) 3. Draw Something Free (OMGPOP) 4. Dot Line (#App) 5. Smack That Gugl (Tayasui) 6. Deer Hunter Reloaded (Glu) 7. Anger of Stick 2 (J-Park) 8. Flick Home Run New Free (Infinity Pocket) 9. Design This Home (App Minis) 10. Scarface (Fuse Powered) AticoD's corporate logo quiz title Logos Quiz Game and Hutch's destructive racer Smash Cops lead the iPhone's free charts this week, as Draw Something Free trails close behind at third place. Last week's chart winner Deer Hunter Reloaded falls to sixth place in today's results, meanwhile, as Dot Line and Smack That Gugl return to the top ten after recent content-expanding updates.

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