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An important rant about the cold & sometimes dehumanizing recruiting process in the tech & game industry.

David Baron, Blogger

October 2, 2015

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As a senior developer, I get minimum at least  2 emails or cold calls from recruiters a day. And as a professional, I try my best to answer every message even when I'm happily employed.

But as many have experienced & complained about in the past, a majority of recruiters don't return the courtesy.

Most recruiters don't take into account that their the face of the company they represent and the first chain in the development of a relationship between a candidate and a business.

I know if my first communications with a company's recruiter are cold & unprofessional, I do blacklist the business they represent because I say to myself, if they treat me like this during the recruiting phase, imagine how worst they will be once I'm they employee.

Recruiters and businesses must understand, is that a senior candidate has always many choices & offers on the table. And he's usually mature enough not to be blinded by salary or prestige but by the actual value of the position and quality of the company's culture.

Companies & studios, should be very careful and aware about how they recruiting and approaching potential candidates. They might be missing out on some very talented people and sabotaging they reputation as an employer, without even being aware of it.

I know that just in the game industry, many studios have been blacklisted by important local developer social networks and very talented individuals refuse to consider any offers from those studios because of the arrogant tone of they recruiting process.

If they dehumanize you while they recruiting you, it's going to be worst when they actually employ you, so demand basic professional courtesy, right from the start!

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