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Tips to Build Customer Support for the Golden Age of Mobile Games

Mobile game developers are faced with 2 crucial questions: how can they stand out in the crowded mobile market and how can customer support help reach this objective?

Jennifer Cadieux, Blogger

May 10, 2021

3 Min Read

Tips to Build Customer Support for the Golden Age of Mobile Games 

Mobile game developers are faced with 2 crucial questions: how can they stand out in the crowded mobile market and how can customer support help reach this objective? 


It’s no secret that mobile games have exploded in popularity; players are spoiled for choice and there truly is something for everyone.  

In 2020, the App Store offered 957,390 gaming apps! 


How to Create a Mobile Support Strategy 

Mobile has come a long way since the launch of the first mobile game in 1997.  

When we started thinking about Customer Support for mobile games, it quickly became evident that our support team needed to not only have deep knowledge of the games but also thorough technical knowledge of various devices and social platforms.  

Based on this conclusion, our approach to customer support prioritizes collaboration, inclusion, and ownership to deliver the best customer support to our players.  

Here is our top advice to implement a successful customer support strategy 

  • Work directly with Game Teams  

  • Recruit talent with in-depth knowledge of mobile gaming and App Stores.  

  • Provide 24/7 support coverage to make sure players can return to the game as fast as possible after encountering an issue.  

  • Leverage an internal translation process to support players in any language they reach out to us in.  

  • Establish dedicated points of contact for each title (we call them Embedded Agents), that take ownership of their titles and advocate for players when liaising with Game Teams.  

The Embedded Agents discuss common problems, escalate player feedback, and collaborate with the Game Teams on customer support issues. Their goal is to proactively proactive flag to the Game Teams pain points for our player communities.  

As we grow and evolve, so too will the Embedded Agents’ role and goals.  


How to Integrate Existing Customer Support Expertise 

The Square Enix Group has been helping players for PC and Console for an exceptionally long time, which means we benefit from a mature customer support pipeline to use as a template for Square Enix Montréal’s upcoming mobile game releases. By keeping our customer support structures similar to the one used for PC/Console games we can leverage the collective experience of our current customer support agents.  

These experienced team members can in turn leverage the Embedded Agents’ technical and game-specific knowledge thus providing players with quick, reliable assistance.  

We also benefit from our existing analytical knowledge and tools. The result: our agents can work with tools they were already familiar with reducing risks and training time. In turn, we can give agents more time to familiarize themselves with our new mobile games and mobile devices in general. Furthermore, new team members can learn and be mentored by an established team allowing for faster onboarding and an exchange of fresh perspectives.  


What’s Next: Moving Forward 

Collaboration, inclusion, and ownership remain our guiding principles.  

We are planning to further consolidate our tools and invest in our existing support team. As mobile gaming matures and continues to expand so will our support strategy and I for one am excited to see where the mobile space is headed at Square Enix Montreal and within the larger mobile gaming space.  


Jennifer Cadieux - Customer Support Supervisor at Square Enix Montreal 

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