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This Preposterously Large Novelty Button is the Best Promotional Purchase i've Ever Made


Ryan Creighton, Blogger

March 26, 2013

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[This article by Ryan Henson Creighton is re-posted from the Untold Entertainment blog, which is awesome.]

Guys: forget one-pagers and business cards and booth space and being friendly on Twitter. The greatest money i've ever spent trying to promote a game at a conference like GDC this week is this absurdly gigantic Ask Me About Spellirium button, which i have to securely pin through ALL of my shirts, or else it will drag on the floor and peel me out of my clothes:


It also affects the tides.

Everyone here at GDC is asking me about Spellirium because of this astonishingly huge button. Even if they don't CARE about the game, and they just want to make FUN of my inappropriately grandiose button, their sarcastic japes actually open the door for me to tell them about Spellirium. Damn their mockery - my message still gets heard.

My audaciously enormous button serves an important secondary function: it is a reference to a character in The Secret of Monkey Island who wears a button that says "Ask me about LOOM".




(i always thought that guy looked a lot like Ron Howard's brother)

Spellirium is unabashedly inspired by LOOM, and anyone who gets the reference and points it out to me has just identified himself as someone familiar with point n' click graphic adventure games. That person is now a prequalified lead, with the upsettingly gigantic button having done all of the work for me.

It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

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