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Things to Remember While Making 2D Animations for Apps

Get to know the key points to be remembered while working on 2D Animations for apps!

Puneet Yamparala, Blogger

April 7, 2016

2 Min Read

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If they are used properly, animations can leave a highly positive effect on the experience of the users of your app. They assist in making navigation easy, while also providing information with any need of sounds or text. And last but not the least, they offer an element that is visually appealing in an interface that would otherwise be static.

With the help of the best animations, your app can become quite easy as well as fun to use. However, if the animations aren’t done precisely, the app can inflict a poor experience on the users. Intriguing animations might be sort of a minefield, but it is definitely fruitful for those who dare to try it in HTML5. So are there any key points to keep in mind while creating animations for your mobile app? You bet there are! Let’s have a look.

  • Varying screen sizes may create havoc with the animation: With the wide range of screen sizes and devices that are available in the market, specifically for Android, this can become a definite headache for the developers. Noting looks more annoying than an element which is animated but wandering off the screen or perhaps obscuring any essential information.

  • Different functions require different types of animations: Animations which are created for the purpose of navigation (for instance, revealing any new content links) mostly require being simpler as compared to others. None of the users wish to have a navbar moving about the screen after it is activated. But if your animation seems to be alerting the users that your app is currently in the middle of some activity, you will require keeping it moving so that the users can know that the app isn’t frozen.

  • Making sure it is intuitive: The animation skills that you have may be quite extraordinary, but is it useful for the user and displaying the information correctly? Most of the apps fail when it comes to user experience simply because users have to prod and poke at several parts of the screen in order to figure it all out. You need to test all your animations completely in order to ensure the users know what they are facing.

There are several resources available online that help you in building intuitive and useful animations into your mobile app. Some of the best software that can help you with 2D animations are as follows:

  • Spine Software by Esoteric

  • Powtoons

  • Spriter

Whichever option you decide to go for, it is essential to remember that 2D animations are an important part of any app and as such, they should be given a sufficient amount of time and effort to be completed to perfection.

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